Garage Door Jamb Flashing (DIY Project Download)

garage door jamb flashing 1

I’m getting ready to put vinyl siding on my new construction garage. I have one 16′ door and one 7′. The jambs around the opening are done out of treated 3/4 plywood. Shop our selection of Door & Window Flashing in the Doors & Windows Department at The Home Depot. Metal flashing pushed up to show damaged wood behind it 4. The jamb is the wood that makes up the garage door opening, that the aluminum cladding covers.

garage door jamb flashing 2This is a shot of the side of the garage door and you can see we butted the finish trim tight up against the weather stripping. The door trim will slid into the finish trim giving it a nice finished look. 3)And, the garage door jambs are already installed on the building even though no vapor barrier has been installed. I plan on placing a piece of 2 x 4 on the face of the building for the Hardilap siding to butt up to. Recently I’ve spoken to several folks in a nearby neighborhood, all with a similar problem. Their garage doors were framed and then cladded with aluminum fascia material.

Flashclad Flashman Flashing Systems. Garage Door Jamb preview. Our garage door jamb seal nails are available in many different colors. Galvanized Plain Shank Cedar Shingle & Shake Nails for Exterior Garage Door Jamb. Looking for an Anderson expert to remove doors and find problem. I am with the other two answers sounds like sill flashing. One other thing you can do if you get leakage along the side weatherstrip on the doors – does not look as good and slightly narrows opening, but really works for wind-driven rain – is install garage door jamb weatherstrip on the frame, outside the door, so the flap of the seal contacts the door when it is closed – provides essentially the same type of drip edge configuration along the sides (and top if you have wind penetration issues).

Finish Trim Installation

Flashing Around Garage Doors