Garage Door Jamb Repair (DIY Project Download)

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva comes to the rescue and saves a neglected, badly decayed garage-door post and jambs. Stand the other 2×6 on top of the sill plate and slip its upper end underneath the header that spans the garage-door opening. Remove all wood trim from the garage-door post using a hammer and pry bar. Remove the old jamb and trim (Photo 1), then nail the vinyl jamb to the frame, beginning with the top piece (Photo 2). Watch this video to find out how to use two-part wood putty or auto body filler to repair a rotten door jamb and replace the mitered brick mold casing.

garage door jamb repair 2So I’m going to replace my jamb on the garage door. The wood is 30 years old and has some rot on the top jamb I’m planning to use the pvc jambs. On the plus side, you have vinyl siding so the repair will look seamless from the outside. The jamb is the wood that makes up the garage door opening, that the aluminum cladding covers. A garage door jamb runs from the floor to the underside of the header at each side of the opening.

Replace the wood jamb, brick mold trim and doorstop with vinyl garage door pieces. Paintable solid vinyl pieces cost a total of about 4 per ft. Once rot sets in, the best repair is normally a replacement of the entire jam. Paul talks about the complications of having the garage door track structurally attached to the jam. I live in a neighborhood that’s about 8 years old and I’m noticing that I and a lot of my neighbors have rotting garage door jambs. I can fix mine pretty easily but I’m looking for a common cause so I can prevent it from happening again.

Replacing Garage Door Jamb

HomeAdvisor’s Garage Door Repair Cost Guide lists price information associated with fixing a garage door, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers. The doors swing open like oversized French doors and hang from jambs on hinges. If you need help replacing or fixing your broken door jamb, DIY Door Store has directions and parts to get you started. CLOPAY GARAGE DOOR PARTS. A split door frame is another door frame repair you may need to make. It is possible for a door jamb to split when the wood dries out. Another way a door frame can split is when it is forced open for whatever reason. Product Description. Vertical Brackets are used to adjust the vertical track to the proper distance from the jamb, so the door seals properly to the vinyle weather strip. Simple wood jamb, probably about 75-150 depending on whether striker side (cheaper end) or hinge side (more expensive end of range).

Vinyl Garage Door Trim And What You Need To Know