Garage Door Optical Sensor (DIY Project Download)

Garage door sensors are wired to the automatic overhead door opener. Garage door sensors are safety devices that prevent the door from closing on people, pets or objects in the doorway. Inspect the double-strand insulated low-voltage wires from each sensor to the back of the garage door opener. Ok, so my garage door once again decided that it was not going to close. I was out of town and had the wife call the number I left behind. Find great deals on eBay for Genie Garage Door Sensor in Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers. Shop with confidence.

garage door optical sensor 2GenieDoor provides Sears Craftsman garage door sensors. Purchase quality garage door parts and accessories online. You probably only have to shield the sensor just enough to put a shadow over it (and not let the sun hit it directly). Another way would be to block the sun from outside of the garage by maybe planting a shrub (test it out by putting your garbage can in line to block the sun when it is low in the sky and see if it works). I saw a door with the sensors disconnected, crush a steel Radio Flyer wagon – bent it right in half, and mashed the sides down flat. The optical sensors are a cheap safety solution to a problem that never existed.

Your garage door opener is sensing there is an obstruction that will prevent the door from closing. This is due to a problem with the optical sensors. Normally, if the path between the sensors is unbroken, the door operates normally. Historical experience proves that non-contact optical sensors ensure the highest level of safety because the garage door never has to strike a person before reversing. Garage door won’t close Home and Garden. Pressing the wall button continuously makes the opener ignore the optical sensor and the force sensor.

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