Garage Door Slide Lock (DIY Project Download)

Shop AMERICAN GARAGE DOOR Inside Slide Lock (5MVG8) at Grainger. Fast & convenient for the ones who get it done! Shop for Garage Door Lock Components at Grainger. Steel Garage Door Locking Components, Inside Slide Lock, Material Steel, Galvanized Finish, Construction Steel, Package Quantity 1. Garage Door locks for locking up your garage door.

garage door slide lock 2Ideal Door Sliding Interior Side Lock for Overhead Garage Doors. Lock slides into the track to lock the door from the inside. Brand Name: Ideal Door. Garage Door Lock Kit w/ Spring Latch – Keyed in Handle-UNIVERSAL- All Doors. 24.99. The first and most common way to lock a garage door is the opener unit. When the opener and the door are in the down position the door cannot be opened manually. A slide lock just slides a bar thru the track to lock it down.

The other type of garage doors lock is called a slide lock. This lock is a small metal box with a slide handle that is located inside on the left or right side of the door. If your garage door opener doesn’t have one, you can always get a ladder and unplug the motor. Garage door keypad lock (top slide switch). Buy American Garage Door Steel Garage Door Locking Components, Inside Slide Lock, Steel, LIU at

What Is The Best Garage Door Lock?

garage door slide lock 3Garage Door Parts: Opener Brackets and Locks. September 12, 2013 by admin. Snap Latch Lock Bag: 30.14. Side Locks or Slide Locks: Garage door slide locks are usually used on garage doors where an opener will not be installed allowing the user to lock the garage door from the inside. GARAGE DOOR SIDE STL MILL – ORG 0 Sold by USAetail. add to compare compare now. Prime Line Products Garage Door Slide Lock GD 52138 Misc. See more about Deadbolt Lock, Garage Door Track and Door Locks. Shop for National Garage Door Inside Slide Lock Residential. On sale for 1.95. Find it at Shop. Rollup garage doors, one piece wooden garage doors, and swing style doors are a few examples. Slide locks can only be unlocked from the inside of your garage door.

What Is The Best Garage Door Lock?

In figure 1, we have a typical manually-operated garage-door in the process of being broken into. Rather than cable-operated spring-latches, I suggest a sliding bolt that securely locks the door to the rail. For safety purpose to keep your workbench, car or other belongings in garage, you need a good lock for your garage door. Before you choose the garage door lock, you need to know that there are three different types of locks for garage door.