Garage Door Spring Tension Rods (DIY Project Download)

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This item is necessary to apply the correct amount of pre tension to garage door torsion springs. Winding bars are an often-overlooked part of a torsion spring replacement job, but they are vital. 18 cold rolled steel winding rods for use when fixing or replacing your garage door torsion spring.

garage door spring tension rods 2A problem with the spring tension could cause the door to open or close unevenly, improperly, or at the wrong speed, and adjusting the springs will. If you are going to be adjusting torsion springs, you will also need two winding bars or solid steel rods. This tension makes it easier to lift the garage door from its closed position. If one spring has broken, can the other spring’s demise be far behind? Since it is unlikely that you will find an adjustment rod in your garage, measure the diameter of the holes and purchase a section of steel rod. Garage door winding bars (rods) come in a pair (2 rods) that are specifically made for DIY garage door spring replacement.

Round Rod Plain Steel – For general applications. Commonly used as plant stakes, tent pegs or axles. This was just what I needed to adjust the garage door tension spring at home. It was hard to find set, so I just made one. This torsion spring requires the use of two winding rods. Ideal Door 1/2 x 16 Steel Torsion Winding Bar for Overhead Garage Doors.

How To Adjust A Garage Door Spring (with Pictures)

garage door spring tension tool 3If you are planning on adjusting your torsion spring garage doors, you need to purchase a rod beforehand. There is an adjustment collar at the end of the spring, this adjustment collar has several holes along it’s edge. How to Install Safety Cables On Your Garage Door Spring. They are like torsion springs, but instead use pulleys to create tension when the door closes. Then use the rod to turn the collar to tighten or loosen the spring’s tension. Replacing broken torsion springs on a garage door. All torsion-bar springs have enough tension in them to be lethal, so when winding and unwinding the springs, extreme caution and the proper tools are vital. With the winding rod taking the torsion load of the spring, loosen the set screw fasteners and allow the spring to slacken a quarter turn. The amount of tension inside the torsion spring can be quite dangerous if not handled properly. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and require appropriate safety p.

Everbilt In. X 36 In. Plain Steel Round Rod-48130

One of the springs on my garage door has snapped. Of course, the door is extremely heavy with a broken spring, so that is tricky. Longer rods would make for more leverage but unwieldly swing; Once the springs are relaxed and loose on the torsion shaft, the lift drums lose their tension on the lift cable, and the cable comes loose. Close the door. Stand a stepladder at the front wall to access the torsion rod and tension-spring adjuster at the outer end of the spring. Adjust the spring tension on your roll up garage door only from an experts. Loosen the set screw while holding the adjustment rod firmly in position. Anyone hade a garage door spring break recently? Replace both of them at the same time to keep the tension the same, if not the door will twist and cause more wear with one side being stronger than the other. I’ve probably replaced 6 springs using my rebar rods.