Garage Door Styles For Colonial Homes (DIY Project Download)

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What a wonderful Eclectic Garage Door Design with a flare of the historic Spanish Colonial Architectural Style. Photo of an eclectic shed in Orange County. Obviously, you don’t want to put a contemporary looking aluminum and glass garage door on a traditional Colonial home or a carriage style door on a contemporary home. What garage door style could best fit your house? These all have styles that match your raised ranch or colonial bungalow style home and can provide you with cohesiveness along the front fa ade of your home.

garage door styles for colonial homes 2A new multipane garage door helps to lighten the home’s front facade, while a fresh coat of yellow paint gives the existing siding a cheery new life. This ordinary space didn’t do much to detract from — or add to — the quaint Colonial-inspired lines of this home. A cracked surface and tired paint created a cast-off and forlorn feel to this ranch-style garage. Subtly paneled doors on a street-facing garage complement this home’s sophisticated Colonial style. The garage doors were painted white to match the home’s clapboard siding. Tips on choosing among different garage door styles. Leading manufacturers offer garage door styles that complement major American (Cape, Colonial, Victorian, Ranch, Craftsman) and European (French Country, Spanish, Mediterranean, Tudor) house styles. Carriage-style garage doors are very popular choices for a variety of house styles.

Below are general guidelines on door styles and features that will match your house type. 1) Victorian/georgian/colonial. Panelled wood (or lookalikes). Our selection of carriage garage doors bring a colonial feel to your home by mimicking the classic colonial barn look but these doors work and opens like a modern garage door. So every feature should express and match the home’s unique style and colors. The homeowners loved their colonial style home. What they didn’t love was the detached cinder block garage. When one of the garage doors stopped working, they loved it even less.

How To: Pick The Right Garage Door

garage door styles for colonial homes 3The style and color of the garage door has a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. Finding a garage door that blends in with your house and enhances your curb appeal is all about playing the matching game. Arched tops and decorative hardware give this set of doors a Spanish Colonial flair. The right garage door can add beauty and value to your home. Each material has its benefits and Colonial Building Supply carries a variety of styles in each. Photo gallery of 60 residential garage door designs – two and three car garages, garage doors with windows, wood, glass and aluminum plus carriage houses. Gorgeous Dutch Colonial Home with Flowing Interior Design by Chango & Co. Choose from traditional carriage garage doors to more contemporary garage doors with exceptional style, functionality and maximum strength. This Classic Raised panel design lends itself to Formal colonial homes as well as country style Ranch houses. Christie OverHead Door can build carriage house style garage doors and traditional garage doors made from real wood to match your home architecture. It is this profile that tends to be matched to the style of the house. Modern homes are often matched with a minimalist flat door profile, whereas more colonial type homes often suit garage doors with square or rectangle pressings across the width of the door.

How To: Pick The Right Garage Door

Wood garage doors provide a first impression that lasts, and a Colonial wood panel door gives your home a quality appearance that endures year after year.