Garage Door Torsion Spring Adjustment Chart (DIY Project Download)

garage door torsion spring adjustment chart 1

If your torsion spring is unbroken and unwound, simply measure the length of the spring. 20 coil measurement you can determine the wire size from the chart above. Note that because the garage door will be down, this will mean: 18 The springs will be under tension, which increases the risk of injury. To alter the tension on the spring, you will be adjusting the winding cone by inserting the winding bars into the holes and rotating the cone in one direction or the other. You can also use the charts below to order a higher cycle spring. Charts to measure spring coils below. To order torsion springs you need these 3 dimensions and the wind of the spring. Caution: Garage door springs are under extreme tension!! We recommend repairs, adjustments & removal to the springs or any working part of the garage door to be made by a qualified door technician.

garage door torsion spring adjustment chart 2Replacing broken torsion springs on a garage door. Hello everyone I replaced both torsion springs yesterday, and wound them the 30 quarter turns recommended. If you want to continue, adjust for the hand opening and balance point. I found a lot of information on Introduction to Garage Doors. Getting comfortable with using a winding bar and handling the springs’ torsion is important as it will allow for balancing, adjusting, and repair as needed without the need to call a repair company and adjust to their schedule.

This page explains how to use our Free Online Torsion Spring Calculator. Springs for Door Hinges. Please adjust your inputs accordingly. Archive Help setting Torsion Springs General Garage Discussion. Anyway, the door is 18’x8′ 2 insulated with glass in the top panel. Use this chart to convert your garage door torsion springs to a higher cycle spring for longer life. Most new sectional garage doors come with 10,000 cycle springs from the manufacturer. For taller doors you can adjust by percentages.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Door Torsion Spring Measurement Chart. Com recommends that only a qualified professional install or adjust torsion springs by carefully and properly following the manufacturer’s instructions also using the proper specialized tools required. If you are going to do the work yourself, it is imperitive that you replace your current garage door spring with a comparable torsion spring. Each torsion spring is made to counter balance a certain amount of weight.

Torsion Spring Calculator Instructions