Garage Door Won’t Close Sun (DIY Project Download)

The setting sun from about 2pm till 7pm is so bright that the garage door sensor loses its signal from the other side. On most if you hold the button the whole time door will close. We do not have this issue in the winter months – even when it is in direct sun – only once it is warm outside. Garage Door Won’t Close When Sunny/Hot outside. Wenatchee Home Inspections Garage door photo eyes or sensors (Safe-T-Beam) are an important safety device and they need to work properly. Yeah that won’t meet the requirements.

garage door won't close sun 2This means you can’t trust it to close and have to sit there and watch it close every time. Sunlight won’t effect IR door beams. I wouldn’t think that sunlight would affect it either- but my door will occasionally not close and 100 of the time that it happens it’s late afternoon and at this brief window of time where the sun shines directly between two trees and hits the IR receiver. Garage door won’t close, nothing in the way of the sensors. (self.HomeImprovement). Sometimes it won’t close. The garage door opener is a Genie screw drive type that is about 15. You mean they don’t have sun in the hood?

Garage door safety sensors misaligned or blocked. My garage door won’t close with the remote! Try these three troubleshooting steps to get your garage door to close properly. They also need to be out of direct sun as this can blind the sensor. Cleaning out your garage is important for many reasons.

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garage door won't close sun 3Do you get the morning or afternoon sun on your garage door? Those direct rays can hit your photo eyes and make your garage door opener think there is an obstruction and not allow it to close.

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