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So don’t be hesitant, come and enjoy our 28 great garden bed edging ideas. You can do it by yourself and you will find it is so interesting and easy a thing to renovate your garden edging. Raised garden beds make gardening easy. HGTV’s instructional videos and how-to projects will make you a green thumb in no time. 17 Raised Garden Bed Ideas 17 Photos. Hot Backyard Design Ideas to Try Now 20 Photos. We also have garden plans for vegetable spaces, cottage gardens, small-space gardening, and no-fuss areas. DIY raised garden beds are the perfect way to.

garden beds ideas 2How to make inexpensive raised beds four different ideas! Make sure to follow my Project Garden Pinterest board for more ideas like this! Choose from over 20 styles of raised beds and complete garden bed kits, or learn how to build your own cedar, redwood, or recycled plastic garden bed or planter. If your bed is longer than 8′, or taller than 18, it’s a good idea to use cross-bracing. Here are 25 DIY raised garden bed ideas that you can use to make a gardening area all your own. As you can see, there’s no limit to the ways you can build your garden bed, and by using all different types of supplies and materials, you can do something personal and unique.

Create a beautiful garden in any yard with our landscaping ideas, garden plans, and plant recommendations. Looking to make some DIY raised garden beds for your homestead or garden? Right now, we just plant our seeds directly into the ground, but we have big plans for an extensive raised garden bed system. This is a great flower bed idea for smaller yards or apartment balconies. These beds are great for those who don’t have a lot of yard space for traditional flower beds or you could use them to dress up your deck or fence and extend your flower garden just a bit.

Frugal Gardening: Four Inexpensive Raised Bed Ideas

Check out these 9 DIY Raised Bed Garden Designs, plus get a few ideas and hacks to make it all easier on you.

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