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Thread: Boiler in Airing Cupboard (regulations). I will of course consult a gas safe engineer to install, but just want to make sure it isn’t a massive job (if it needs to be re routed to the outside wall). Only a Gas Safe registered heating engineer can install the device, and it is the Gas Safe engineer that will notify your council. The law requires the Gas Safe engineer to notify the council within 30 days of installation. Once notified by your Gas Safe engineer, your local council should issue you with a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. I’m doing a job, boxing in a combi boiler and have had concerns about how much ventilation it needs. (is this a strict guidline that needs to be stuck to??) My girlfriend not long ago had a new vaillant combi boiler fitted in an existing boxed in area with door and the space between the boxing door and the boiler is only 200mm and it was fitted by gas safe engineers obviously.

gas boiler cupboard regulations 2When did the building regulations change regarding the locating of non condensing boilers in kitchen cupboards? I am not certain about the exact reason for your enquiry, but it may be to do with some recent changes to the guidance on ventilation requirements given by Gas Safe which have led to some boilers being classed as at risk when they were previously deemed satisfactory. The boiler may be fitted inside a cupboard without having air vents. If the boiler is fitted in a bathroom or shower room, please refer to the current Wiring Regulations and Building Regulations, which explain the different zones in the bathroom where it is safe to install and boiler, and where it is unsafe to do so (In GB this is the current I. Your Gas Safe registered installer will be able to survey your home and tell you the most convenient, safest and legally compliant place for your boiler and discuss where the flue and condensate pipe should go. Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 that was introduced on the 31st

It’s ok to put the boiler in a cupboard. I did many gas safety inspections and condemned instalations that I knew were perfectly safe due to non compliance with the regs. One resident has been told by British Gas that new legislation requires her within 18 months to have a new boiler which must be fitted to an outside wall, otherwise after that date they will not be able to certify it and the gas supply will be turned off. Where a flue runs through a void behind a wall, ceiling or cupboard, or is boxed-in, it is clearly difficult for this inspection to take place, so the gas industry and the HSE have issued guidance regarding inspection hatches. There is actually some daft rule that says you have to have a vent of a certain size in the ‘cupboard’ for ventilation for a GAS BOILER..even if it has no top: I know this as I have just had my service check done and I have mine in a ‘cupboard’ with no top or bottom;D and was told that strictly speaking it now fails the EU directive.

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gas boiler cupboard regulations 3Is it acceptable to fit a condensing boiler in a bathroom cupboard? I tell you what you need to know about fitting a combi boiler in your attic. Are you sick of your boiler taking up unnecessary space in your kitchen or cupboard? However, building and safety regulations specify that you have the following:. Where Can You Get a Gas Safety Check and CP12 in Edinburgh? Purpose ventilation in a room with a gas appliance will provide the necessary air. Open flued such as gas fires and older boilers, they also take the air they need from the room they’re in but send their products of combustion up their flue or chimney to be dispersed into the atmosphere. Room Sealed appliances usually don’t need additional ventilation unless they are located in a cupboard or compartment then they may need ventilation for cooling, check with the manufacturer for requirements. Hi guys. if I have a combi boiler in a cupboard, does the cupboard need a vent in it??. Definitely, I had 2 vents in mine just to be safe, gas is gas after all no matter what the boiler. Also I’ve heard that there’s a regulation distance that the boiler must be from windows (although the old one is currently right next to a window). I’m assuming this is perhaps due to the chance of the lit boiler being blew out by a gust of wind perhaps? What is this distance? Interestingly, there’s a cupboard next to the front door which is about 1 metre from the gas supply. Hi all,please no abuse for asking a gas/plumbing question! I think it’s quite normal for boiler cupboards to need ventilation. apart from anything else to stop it getting too hot in there.

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One of our priorities, I’d have thought, would be to relocate the gas boiler (wall-mounted, not a combi, as there’s also an airing cupboard with an immersion cylinder elsewhere) which is currently in a cupboard in DS’s future bedroom. I just moved into a new house where the 10 year old boiler is located in the bedroom where my 3 year old daughter sleeps. Are there building regulations in your country about location of gas appliances? PS my boiler was fitted in the bathroom by a gas safe engineer but it had to have a cupboard. 701 of BS 7671:2008, and Part P of the Building Regulations. Putting the boiler in a cupboard in zone 2, makes no difference it is still zone 2. Yes, its against an outside wall. Its only a small cupboard though re room to work, and installation height. Also its where the gas meter is.