Gel Stain Fiberglass Garage Door (DIY Project Download)

Many people that stain fiberglass doors as part of their job often use gel stains with much trepidation. Even though manufacturers say it gel stains work on fiberglass, there are some problems with them. How to Prep and Stain a Wood-Embossed Fiberglass Door with Gel Stain. I worked vertically after I had to move indoors from the garage. Let Old Masters spark your imagination with this flip book about staning a fiberglass door. A product for every project.

gel stain fiberglass garage door 2Minwax Gel Stain is a non-drip stain that adds natural color and accentuates the beauty of a wide range of wood and non-wood surfaces. What’s the best way to apply Minwax Gel Stain to a fiberglass door? We just put up a new garage, and right now the doors are bright white. Fiberglass doors can be painted or stained. Staining fiberglass doors and painting fiberglass doors both begin with clean surfaces. We just stained our fiberglass front door with a gel stain. It took almost 72 hours to dry because of low temperature and very high humidity and the cold humid weather is expected to continue.

Have a customer who tried to stain his fiberglass door with Minwax Gel stain. Below is a metal overhead garage door I stained using ZAR to match a fiberglass door. FIBERGLASS GARAGE DOORS – 2700 Series. Note: Unfinished doors are for field gel staining only. Follow directions provided by gel stain manufacturer. To have your fiberglass doors gel stained call, our Gel Stain Door Contractor in Bismarck.

Minwax Gel Stain

Has anyone here used gel stain? We have a fiberglass garage door that has seen much better days. At the moment we cant afford a new one. We have a fiberglass front door textured with a wood grain pattern. Posts about gel stain written by 1st United Door Technologies. Modern-day garage doors are not limited to the wood of centuries past or steel of decades past. The erstwhile wooden doors are discarded in favor of these modern day materials like steel or fiberglass, which can be gel stained or faux-painted to suit your preferred look and color. It says to put on and wipe off. But wiping off doesn’t leave like a smeared look but instead takes off the entire stain. What is the proper technique for this – anyone know?. Ouch – stains have to be able to penetrate the material to work, and fiberglass allows penetration between the fibers, but not into them – so you will get a very patchy job if you use it like a stain, rather than as a paint. CHI fiberglass garage door Model 2751 and Model 2752 in Greensburg, PA. Unfinished (tan) exterior skins are available for field gel staining.

Restaining Previously Stained Fiberglass Doors

Hi all. I am finishing my fiberglass front door with some Minwax Gel stain and need a little advice. I tried to apply the first coat today but was a little too hasty to wipe off the excess. Strength and design come together to carefully craft the 2703 fiberglass garage door. Hello everyone, this question is regarding a aluminum garage door. Garage Door Makeover with Stain to Create a Faux Wood Effect. They used Minwax Gel stain for this project, but you can always use a comparable product. He also has to deal with windows in the door so there is fiberglass panels.

How to Remove Gel Stains on Fiberglass Doors. Call me crazy but I fully intend to be Gel staining my bland front door, side door and garage doors!