Generator Box Honda 2000 (DIY Project Download)

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Designed specifically for mounting and protecting the Honda EU2000 generator. These generator boxes are serving the semi-truck, business, and concession truck and trailer industries; RV campers; horse trailers; surveillance, communications, and government security vehicles. The Honda EU2000i is a prime example. In general, the loudness of generators ranges from around 50 dbA to 120 dbA or higher. One way to make a generator quieter is by building an enclosure. However, keep in mind that completely enclosing the generator is not an option. With another blizzard heading our way, we needed to protect our generator from the elements. So, we built a quick (under three hours) and functional generator box out of scrap OSB.

generator box honda 2000 2We bought a deck box to store our Honda eu2000 from these people: Beachcomber Fiberglass- Stuart FL Marine Components It think it’s the 40 X18 X18. Careful — you may cook the generator if it doesn’t get enough cooling air through that box. I had been thinking about removing one of the propane tanks, then mounting a box to store a Honda 2000 generator in. But i came to realize this was a big, time intensive project that I don t have time for. Aluminess Galley Box for the Honda EU2000i Generator at the 2014 Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ. See more about Honda, Boxes and The O’jays.

I have heard that some people have constructed boxes to run the generators in to minimize noise. Your Honda EU 2000 is just about as quiet as they come, the sound boxes are usually for the frame/construction gens. A new home for the Honda Generator and Mr. Heater AquacubeAfter a month, I was delighted when the new upgrade arrived. I stopped and thought Man, it’s dam near sexy. To prove it, let’s compare the Yamaha EF2000iS with the Honda EU20i. I am very disappointed that a new generator is faulty out of the box.

Deck Box For Honda 2000

honda generator box caravan 3I would like to build some sort of enclosure for my generator, is there any material I should look for that will withstand bad weather? This will be used in an isolated campsite to provide power, I just want to keep the generator close to the camper and dampen the sound as much as possible. I have been looking at the Honda 2000i, it is quite spectacular. Generator box for honda 2kva galvinised weather proof solid box with ventilation and easy starting access. SHX 2000 2 KVA brand new, never been used in box, comes with new oil ready to go ENGEL Generator SHX2000 Model No: SHX2000 Honda engine super quiet. Awhile back their was some thread about a transom mont generator box for the Honda 2000, I believe it was store bought and made specifically for Honda. But, for those that also run the Honda 2000 generator, I’m curious as to what were the lowest temps you have used them in before they quit running, and if you’ve found a remedy for it e. The box only needs to be three sided and only a few inches taller and wider than the generator,the open side of course would be the exhaust side,and be sure to have it facing away from the wind. Has anyone found a way to extend the exaust on a Honda 2000 generator? I would like to modify a box to hold and run the generator from and the primary issue is to be able to extend the exaust out and away from the box.

Generator Box (sound Muffler)