Genie Garage Door Not Going Down (DIY Project Download)

And the motor seems to work, because it will go one direction but not the other. I had to keep holding the wall button for the door to actually go down and close. Besides longneck’s excellent points, if the garage door or opener is a new installation and has not worked before, it could be that the opener’s internal tension sensor is not correctly set. The other day, close it by remote and it goes back up on it’s. It has been nasty cold lately but the garage is insulated so it’s not overly cold.

genie garage door not going down 2Your garage door may be disconnected from the opener. Check that the emergency-release cord has not been pulled. If this is the reason, you will need to reengage the carriage. My garage door opener works up, but not down General Questions. Otherwise, if I just press-and-release, the door goes down maybe an inch and stops. If I unlock the door from the track, I can lift it up and down with no problems at all. From Genie. Quote:. If the garage door does not close completely, or begins to close and then opens back up again, the down limit switch needs to be adjusted. The garage door will automatically go in reverse whenever it hits an obstruction, such as the driveway or ground.

Not going down is the units safety operation in case something (perhaps a child) was under where the door comes down. Going up there is no issue so the sensors allow it. My Genie Pro 93 garage door opener, model number 12a, only goes up. Why doesn’t it go down? If either door sensor light is not on, replace the sensors. The garage door did not want to close when she pressed the button on the remote. The light on the ceiling mounted opener flashed as she held the wall switch down to close the door. As they say, anything that goes through the air can be hacked.

Genie Garage Door Troubleshooting

genie garage door not going down 3Garage Door Openers, Genie replacement repair parts. If the eyes are not facing directly at each other, they may work intermittently, causing occasional spontaneous reversals with no rhyme or reason. Disconnect the garage door opener from the door and go through the troubleshooting routine on the garage door repair page. Remember that sometimes, a garage door opener can increase the binding in a door just because of the way it pushes the door down. Q: Where can I purchase Genie remote? A: In instances where your garage door will not go down, the most common problem that in our experience with garage doors not going down is that the photoelectric safety sensors, also called safety reversing sensors or photo eyes, are out of alignment. After closing the door with the car remote the door came down rather fast and now neither the remote nor the wall unit will operate the door. When I press the button in the garage the light goes on, but there is nothing else. Question: Genie Garage Door Opener Not Working Properly. Our workers are equipped with superior Genie garage door opener to ensure safety and durability of doors of your garage. These might include issues where garage door does not go up and garage door does not go down. In this case, the opener is trying to make the door go past its close limit; and, thus, trying to drive it into the ground. Make sure that the door, in its path of travel, is not tripping your photo eyes. One or two complete turns should get you well off the ground, with plenty of room to re-adjust down.

I Have A Genie Garage Door Opener That Goes Up But Not Dow

After all, all it does is go up and down. To order replacement Overhead Door garage door parts go to our online parts store at www. I have a Genie Intellicode. When your Genie garage door opener does not move it does not mean you need to change the entire unit, some of the time you just need to replace the battery or re-align unit position. Genie garage door will go down to close but then reverse the motion and go up to the open position. Have had a Genie Garage Door Opener, Model 3062 installed for four months. It quit working, no power. After re-programming door, it went down once and does not work again. Will now be going back to Lowe’s to see if they will honor the warranty. The garage door opener stopped working as the door would not open or close. The door started going up and down at some point during the night while I was sleeping.