Genie Garage Door Sensor Blinking 4 Times (DIY Project Download)

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When the infra-red sensors are malfunctioning, usually one of the sensor lights will be blinking. The problem is either due to a blocked path between the sensors, dirty eyes, loose wires at the sensors or at the motor head, or just bad sensors. In that time press one of your transmitters 3 or 4 times until the garage door starts moving. Keep the transmitter at least 2 feet away from the antenna. Find error codes for your Genie chain-and-belt-drive garage door opener at Sears PartsDirect. Genie Garage Door Opener – Excelerator Troubleshooting. Led should be blinking 1 to 8 times to diagnose problem area.

garage door sensor blinking red light 2Your garage door opener is programmed with self-diagnostic capabilities. The diagnostic LED next to the learn button will flash a number of times, then pause before repeating, signifying it has found a potential issue. 4 Flashes – The safety reversing sensor sending LED glows steadily, and the receiving light is dim or flashing. If you experience problems with your Genie garage door opener, there are several steps you can run through to try to clear up the problem. If the Source LED is blinking three or four times, check for interference from other electronics or call customer service. My garage door opener model 139.5398500 won’t close. The door is clear from obstruction. It travels 3-5 in. and reverses. It flashes 10 times and the owner’s manual diagnostic charts tops at 6 flashes. Ten flashes of the light tells you there is a problem with the door safety sensor circuit. Look at the led’s on both door sensors. If you don’t have 4-5 volts between terminals 2 and 3 and the opener is plugged in, the logic board is bad.

I’m hoping someone can help me diagnose the problem I am having with my Liftmaster 1260 garage door opener. Here are the specifics: – My wife. My understanding is that the 5 blinks of the LED indicate an RPM sensor failure or a logic board failure. I don’t visually see anything wrong with either. If a problem exists with the Standard Drive garage door opener, the LED will flash (blink) to indicate the specific error. Faulty safety beam sensor, Replace safety beam sensor, Order at www. If a problem exists with the Legacy 800 garage door opener, the LED will flash (blink) to indicate the specific error. I have a legacy CD series B. initially the OS transmitter was blinking 4 times and the receiver stayed lit.

What Does The Flashing Led Next To The Learn Button Mean?

The door doesn’t move. model 139.53976SRT 4 Responses to The yellow indicator light is blinking five times in my Craftsman Garage Door opener and the door opens partly? I have 2 garage doors both w/ genie pro openers. one sensor has red light blinking. door not go down other one red is solid. Craftsman Garage Door opener sensor light is out. Does this indicate a bad sensor? Door will not c. Genie of Fairview provides garage door troubleshooting guides, FAQ’s, and customer support. Genie Garage Door Opener 12 or 9 switch keyless entry system. The light bulb will blink two times. This feature is designed to prompt you that the lock button is activated. When the lock button is ON the garage door opener will work from the wall control but the remote controls are locked out. Four (4) flashes indicate the sensors are slightly misaligned. Garage door safety sensors misaligned or blocked. Left side camera had a green light, right side was blinking red.

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We are a Genie dealer with national builder accounts so a lot of times what we install is out of my company’s hands. We purchased a Genie garage opener January 2014 and the sensors failed in April.