Glazing Furniture With Acrylic Paint (DIY Project Download)

Video Tutorial by White Cottage Boutique on how to glaze painted furniture. Apply glaze like a pro! Eventually, after some experimentation and a lot of frustration, I learned that there are multiple techniques for applying glaze. You can glaze with dark wax or you can use a glazing medium that is mixed with acrylic or latex paint. Make your own DIY chalk paint and learn the steps in this before and after furniture makeover needed to paint and glaze furniture like a pro. If the furniture lacks that character to begin with, the glaze would simply make the paint look darker and a little weathered. The paint does not rub off like the glaze does. I use that and then mix it with acrylic paints and it works great.

glazing furniture with acrylic paint 2I get so many questions about how i paint furniture and the tools that i use so i am going to break it down into a couple of posts. Water-based acrylic latex? Step by step of how to glaze painted furniture and give it an aged or antique look. IF you don’t want to buy the HUGE can of glaze at the paint store,the craft store sells smaller containers. If you can’t find it in the craft paint aisle, they also sell it in the fine art section. Posts about Home made glaze for furniture distressing written by Tracy Evans. If you don t have any medium-brown paint on hand, the cheapest way to go is to head to your local craft store, and pick up a 2 oz. bottle of acrylic paint.

To create a transparent glaze, white pigment or paint is rarely used in the glaze composition. White tends to add a degree of opacity to the glaze, diminishing the transparency and clarity of color of the glaze. Glazing is a painting technique that can create an antique look to an otherwise bland piece of furniture. Since the process involves brushing a glaze on and then wiping it away with a rag, even the. 4. Mix 2 cups latex faux finishing glaze with 1 ounce of acrylic paint in a large plastic bowl using a paint stirrer. If you want to add years of age to your furniture or accessories without waiting decades, tinted glaze is the answer.

I Glaze

Well, that is because the glaze is milky. But you have to remember that the glaze will dry CLEAR. So the color of the small acrylic craft paint you chose is what you end up with, not the milky version it is while still wet! Glazing is a decorative faux painting technique that adds depth, richness, and definition to any surface. When done on painted furniture, it creates an aged and worn look, akin to that of an antique. On the other hand, acrylic glazes are less of a hassle to work with, and are easy to clean. Because an acrylic glaze does not emit any toxic fumes, it also allows the craftsperson to work indoors. Glazing works best on semi-gloss or low-luster acrylic or latex paint surfaces. With my kitchen cabinets being large, flat surfaces, I chose to roll the glaze on with a foam roller, but if you are working on chairs or smaller piece of furniture with lots of detail, it would be best to use a brush/rag for application in order to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Although it felt like I was Windexing my windows rather than waxing a piece of furniture, I was pleasantly surprised. Just use two parts glazing medium and one part latex or acrylic paint. Yes, even the cheapie acrylic paints will do the trick. Apply this medium to improve acrylic paint adhesion on slick surfaces like plastics, metals, wax, glass, porcelain, glazed ceramics, and more. Add this clear, semi-gloss medium to paint for shading and highlighting. Mix equal parts with acrylics for glazing on walls, furniture, and hard craft surfaces. How to antique furniture – DIY antiquing furniture tutorials, techniques and videos using chalk paint, milk paint shoe polish, latex paints, glazes or wax. Mix your antique paint glaze by stirring thoroughly one part dark brown paint to three parts glaze. Apply two coats of an acrylic varnish, once the shoe polish thoroughly dries and hardens.

Glazing Paint Techniques: Acrylic Latex Methods

I have some awesome french provincial chairs I’ve painted that are just waiting for glaze.:). ReplyDelete. All you need to know about glazing furniture–and more, the easy way! Step by step directions. I think my favorite method is still mixing some Burnt Umber Acrylic paint with Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes Latex Glaze 405. I have also used the stain method not my favorite either. DIY Guide by Lilyfield Life: How to antique furniture with Dark Wax. I wrote a post a long time ago on how to antique with DIY homemade glaze but I am enjoying the antiquing process much more with dark wax.