Godmorgon Cabinet Assembly Instructions (DIY Project Download)

But first of all, the Ikea instruction manual for the Godmorgon contains too little information. Photos: after removing the old sink & vanity it appears that the right pipe (cold water) protrudes by about 4. So after assembling the new vanity that’s supposed to mount directly to the bathroom wall, we have run into a major issue. IKEA GODMORGON Cabinet Assembly Instructions Manual.

list of carpenters tools 2She chose Ikea’s Godmorgon cabinet with two drawers but, since IKEA doesn’t offer a single sink option, she created her own out of warm wood. The instructions recommend that two people do this assembly together, so my husband and I had to suspend all bickering for the two hours or so it took to get this all together. We did not buy the legs as I wanted a floating cabinet and the wall this was going to hang on was newly built. Watch this IKEA assembly video and learn how to build the GODMORGON Sink Cabinet with the EDEBOVIKEN Double Sink.

Installed a new IKEA cabinet in place of the old vanity. You’ll save yourself headaches by simply replacing the trap assembly with a modern PVC version. Follow the instructions included with the Bondera adhesive, or go to bonderatilematset.com for an installation video and more instructions. Vanity cabinet: Godmorgon two-drawer sink cabinet. Bring on the glossy white, bring on the storage. We bought some new bathroom cabinetry on a whim, and a big touch that really makes our bathroom functional. We’d hung the frame of our IKEA GODMORGON sink cabinet on the wall before tiling and installed the ODENSVIK sink on top of the cabinet before caulking, so all we still needed to do was hook up the plumbing and install the vanity drawers. Ikea definitely contemplates wall-mounting the cabinet, but I believe the instructions just said to add legs if necessary for support they leave it to you to determine.

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list of carpenters tools 3230 Cabinets, Mirrors, Godmorgon High, Godmorgon Armrio, Download Service, Assembly Instructions, Armrio C Espelho, Godmorgon Hjskab, Gloss Gray. GODMORGON Sink cabinet with 2 drawers – white stained oak, 23 5/8×18 1. I chose the IKEA GODMORGON cabinet with two drawers for its size and simplicity. Assemble cabinet, place shelves and organize. IKEA GODMORGON HIGH CABINET 16X15X63 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: Download the complete user guide (1803 Ko).

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