Good Modern Sideboard Cards (DIY Project Download)

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This here is a list of the most effective modern sideboard staples. I’ll be making numerous inclusions to the same effect, generally if the best one is really expensive (likeFulminator MageorBlood Moon) then there will be a budget alternative. EDIT: I should probably get to doing custom categories. Put the categories as which cards are good against which decks. I know that right now a lot people have issues with Modern because there are too many viable linear strategies to sideboard against all of them,. A breakdown of Magic: the Gathering hate cards in Modern. Typically these will be in your sideboard, but depending on the meta, your deck, and what the card does, sometimes you can be extra hateful and make it work mainboard. Usually mainboard material, Thalia works great in creature heavy decks that want to slow down creature light decks with lots of answers.

good modern sideboard cards 2While easier to sideboard against, they will be far more deadly if you underprepare for them or otherwise underestimate them. Liliana of the Veil is a good card against Burn, but it doesn’t have to be! Of course, it is in your best interest to not play superfluous cards for a positive matchup or an inadequate number of cards for a problematic matchup. Apart from Shatterstorm, all of the cards I chose for the sideboard are widely applicable against the Modern metagame. The Most Versatile Sideboard Cards in Modern. My sideboard might have a pair of Creeping Corrosion and Ancient Grudge for Affinity, a pair of Thought Hemorrhage and a Thoughtseize for Storm, a Liliana, Thrun, and more hand disruption for control, and I am good to go.

Sideboarding wins tournaments, and Adam’s one of the best in the business. If you’re playing in Grand Prix Richmond or any other Modern tournament, you’ll want. This is a good target for how many sideboard cards you ought to have for the matchup. To return to the example of the black deck against the red deck, you might go through your main deck and decide that you can afford to trim one expensive card and two Read the Bones (leaving two to maintain your strength in the late game). Polish’s Top 10: Modern Sideboard Cards So GP Richmond will be bound to be the BIGGEST MTG event since Vegas. The best anti-graveyard hate card ever printed.

ยป The Modern Gauntlet: Burn, Infect, And Affinity

good modern sideboard cards 3It’s true this isn’t a good answer to Swords to Plowshares in Legacy or Path to Exile in Modern, but that’s why it’ll be a sideboard card, not maindeck. The three most popular land hate cards in Modern: Blood Moon, Fulminator Mage, and Ghost Quarter. There are several popular sideboard cards that can shut down aggressive decks. Relic of Progenitus is great for spot graveyard removal (much like maindeck Scavenging Ooze), and ultimately Relic can be popped to obliterate all graveyards and draw a card both effects very relevant. Soon I realized that the B/r build of Modern Eldrazi is not the only one. Most of the other versions don’t have a good sideboard card against it other than Vampiric Link, and that card is not very exciting. This list was introduced in two previous articles. If you haven’t read those, they will give you a good overview of the cards that made the list and those that were considered but didn’t make the cut. The top-level players are great at taking everything into account. Who needs a sideboard when you cards are fighting for space on the kitchen table with a couple of sandwiches, a beer, and a jar of peanut butter? Times have changed for you, though. STANDARD; MODERN; LEGACY. Twin was, in my estimation, the best deck in the format and nixing it allows for innovation. Fracturing Gust may be the single best sideboard card against Affinity.

5 More Modern Sideboard Cards You Need To Consider

We have over 28K games of Modern analyzed from MTGO to draw conclusions from. The Naya mana-base allows you access to some of the best sideboard cards in Modern. This particular list has a few strange sideboard choices that I might not necessarily agree with, but they are mostly powerful cards that, in the right situation, are incredibly effective. As good as this card can be, though, it never took off in Standard as a regular sideboard card. While it seems like it would be good against the monster that Atarka Red became in Standard, it was considered too narrow to keep in the board. He is simply the best utility and value card in Modern right now. So we need to change twelve sideboard cards, basically overhauling it for the current state of Modern.

So, any thoughts on some Sideboard cards? This is the one thing I’m not good at. I haven’t played in a Modern tournament at my LGS. So, I don’t really know what the meta is, and what I can use to be prepared for it. Cards that I’m not sure are good enough to be played, but might have what it takes. Sean: This card will influence Legacy and Modern as a possibly great sideboard card against a few things. I don’t want to claim it’s the ‘best deck’ in some sense which makes it nigh-impossible to get a good matchup against it (a la Caw-Blade), but I do think it has few matchups which are very bad, that it’s unrealistic for most other decks to be built well against us while not simultaneously punting a huge chunk of the rest of the format. In this deck guide, I’ll walk through the general principles and game-plan of the deck, look at card choices and potential card chioces in both main-deck and sideboard, as well as examining what metagames different cards shine in, then look at plans for different common matchups across the format. In Modern, we will see some cards like Runed Halo or Meddling Mage once in a blue moon – we can usually ignore them.