Good Parts Of Bed Stuy (DIY Project Download)

Bed-Stuy may be one of the hippest and most beautiful gentrifying neighborhoods in Brooklyn, but it’s not for everyone. I live in the part of Bed-Stuy that’s pretty much closest to Manhattan. Ranked 30th best neighborhood in Brooklyn. Bed Stuy might give you the cold shoulder as a family frendly neighborhood after watching Everybody Hates Chris but this tone will come back. I have found an apartment rental for a month in Bed-Stuy (specifically Decatur and Throop) that fits into my budget (2500) and a friend will check out for me next week to make sure everything is on the up and up. Let me say that cheap in western Queens is often in nicer neighborhoods than cheap in Brooklyn.

good parts of bed stuy 2There Goes the Neighborhood, WNYC, podcast, bed-stuy. Moving to Bed Stuy/Clinton Hill (self. There are a handful of good restaurants and bars scattered around and for the most part on Bedford everyone seems to get along fine. As a relatively new residentI’ve been in the neighborhood for about a yearI reached out to some locals to explore the best spots in Bed-Stuy.

The sprawling Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant is famous for its African-American heritage and beautiful brownstone architecture. My first morning in Bed-Stuy was the most amazing morning of my life. I sat on the stoop and watched as the neighborhood stretched and yawned. Only now has it become a place on people’s radars for good reasons, and that isn’t because good didn’t exist there before. Hello, we are thinking of looking for a home in the Bed Stuy area. Does anyone have any advice on which parts of the neighborhood are the nicest, and which parts to avoid? Ideally, we’d like to find a brownstone within a short walk of the A/C line.

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good parts of bed stuy 3Bed Stuy, One of Brooklyn’s Brownstone Neighborhoods, in Transition. A historic neighborhood that boasts both pristine brownstones and unkempt storefronts, generations-old Bed-Stuy residents share their streets with newcomers and hip kids. Although Bed-Stuy bears an unsavory reputation, its tight-knit community’s dedication to their neighborhood continues to support improvements as renovating bars and cafes increasingly join its cadre of locally-owned businesses. The best Italian Restaurant, Saraghina, in Brooklyn is one block away. The northern part of Bed-Stuy is much better than the southern side near Fulton. Are you moving there for good, or is this just a temporary accommodation for the summer (the title of the thread seems to suggest that)?If you’re moving for good, then there are specific issues to consider, like commute to work and stuff (the G is not the most reliable train; it’s also the only train that does not go to Manhattan). The changing face of do or die Bed-Stuy. Max moved to the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, because the rent was affordable. Reviews on Bed stuy bars in Brooklyn, NY – Doris, One Last Shag, Lovers Rock, Tip Top Bar & Grill, Dynaco, Vodou Bar, Casablanca Cocktail Lounge, Project Parlor, Black Swan, Therapy Wine Bar. Note: This bar is is south bed stuy, which is more hipster and posh than other parts of bed stuy. (For the best affordable areas that are safe and still trendy, click here). -Bed-stuy/Clinton Hill Border (not as safe east of Nostrand Ave).

Bedford-stuyvesant: Diverse And Changing

Senator Robert Kennedy in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where he established the country’s first community development corporation in 1965. For decades, Bed-Stuy’s nickname, Do or Die, perfectly captured the spirit of the place: it was a neighborhood of entrenched black poverty, mean streets, meaner housing projects, and a homicide rate that had reporters using war metaphors. Nowadays, Bed-Stuy has become the latest destination for young professionals and creative-class whites on the prowl for brownstones, tree-lined streets, and express subway lines to Manhattan. (To this day, residents boast, there are blocks where folks always say good morning to passersby and warm evenings when people sit on their front stoops, passing time and watching kids play on the sidewalk. The New York City neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, I’d heard, was still a little rough, but the sign was unlike anything I’d seen outside of Wild West movies. The neighborhood was known then and still is today for its tight knit community, for people saying good morning on the street, and for neighbors sitting together on their stoops on warm evenings. Is Bed-Stuy statistically one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in NYC? YESThe board can pathetically try to fight change but it will fail. Relatively speaking BedStuy isn’t as bad as it once was. Remember that tony Brooklyn neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Cobble Hill and Fort Greene were all once rough places. No good cheese, no good bread, ok produce.

While there are mixed feelings about all the rapid changes in the neighborhood, BedStuy has become a destination for some of Brooklyn’s best restaurants.