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Surgical Extraction is my largest new inclusion for Grixis Control’s sideboard. While I may have stated that I am incredibly comfortable with my maindeck, the sideboard is a completely different story and will be put through the gauntlet over the following month leading up to PTOGW. By Sheridan Lardner. Grixis Delver is one of Modern’s hottest decks. Learn how to optimize the Grixis Delver sideboard in this article. In sideboarding against decks like Jund and blue mirrors, you want to sideboard those types of cards out, but still need counterspells to answer tough-to-deal-with threats like Liliana of the Veil or Keranos.

grixis sideboard 2As for Blood Moon, it’s probably correct in the sideboard. Not too long ago, a successful Grixis control deck in Modern was a dream. Tough to sideboard against: It will likely take Grixis Control a better metagame share to see a change in opponent sideboards, but for now, it’s enjoying the sideboards that are usually filled with answers to the top tier linear (or somewhat linear) decks. Welcome back! Now I’ll be going over how to sideboard with the deck that I wrote about earlier. Keep in mind that this is just a broad example.

Grixis Sideboard Help. I’d still side it in vs BGx, Tron, Eldrazi, Kiki-Chord, Control (grixis, esper, and UWR) and possibly Infect, which is a lot of decks, but that’s offset by the fact that I sideboard 3 Crumble to Dust for Tron and Eldrazi and that BGx, Control, and Infect are all good matchups anyway, so it may be just a win-more card. Deck Tech with Luis Salvatto and Sebastian Pozzo: Grixis Control. This is also why we’re adding Crumble to Dust in the sideboard, the sole representation from Battle for Zendikar. I’ve been on the Grixis Control deck since just before Grand Prix: Charlotte back in June, and I can safely say it is my favorite deck that I’ve played in Modern.

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grixis sideboard 3Spells V. Reasons to Play Grixis over other Delver Decks. In short, I think that Grixis Control has more disruption available against combo decks and could be built to beat up on the current slew of UR delver and Burn decks. Grixis Delver deck list with prices for Magic the Gathering (MTG) and Magic the Gathering Online (MTGO). Also Pyroblasts and REBs are important sideboard inclusions. The best sideboard cards against Grixis Delver vary a little bit more than the previous archetypes since it’s a less linear archetype. Let me introduce you the new king of aggro-control: Grixis Delver! Let me provide you with some insights about card selections, game plans and sideboard strategies against popular legacy decks and summarize why I believe it is the best tempo deck right now. A lot of people have been clamoring for a primer on the Grixis Delver deck, and I’ll try my best to break it down in small pieces with the list I settled on. There are some unconventional card choices in the sideboard, but I feel like they are fine, and after a bunch of discussion, I feel like they’re warranted.

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The cool thing about Grixis is that we can play cards like Slaughter Games and Rakdos Charm in our sideboard! Rakdos Charm is really good against Splinter Twin combo. Category Archives: Grixis. SIDEBOARD 1 Anguished Unmaking 1 Dark Petition 1 Dead Weight 1 Dragonlord s Prerogative 2 Duress 1 Flaying Tendrils 1 Infinite Obliteration 2 Negate 1 Risen Executioner 1 Silumgar s Command 1 Sorin, Grim Nemesis 2 Virulent Plague. Grixis Control primer! People who play the deck have issues with how to approach each matchup and how to sideboard, and the goal of this article is to give you a blueprint on how to play it. This weekend I piloted Grixis Delver to a 7-1 record in the Modern portion of the Columbus Invitational. I would be wary about playing against something like Collected Company Elves with this build, but the sideboard Engineered Explosives do some serious work there.

Even Patrick Chapin, King of the Cruel, Grand Arbiter of Grixis, Baron of Combining Blood Crypt with Steam Vents (that one was a stretch) didn’t seem to really consider it for the Pro Tour. Modern Deck lists: Grixis Control, Naya Burn, GW Hatebears. Main Deck, Sideboard.