Guardsman Furniture Protection Contact Number (DIY Project Download)

Furniture Care Products. Name; Address; Service Plan Number; Service Request Number (if available). Find out how you can have your furniture repaired and looking new in no time. Before proceeding with your Furniture Protection Plan Claim. If you would like a form sent to you in French or Spanish, please contact our Customer Service Center. Find answers to some common questions about what our furniture protection plans cover and how they work. A Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan helps protect your new furniture from accidental stains and damage caused by you or someone in your home. Where can I locate the Do Not Remove Tag info, ACK number, or Serial Number?

guardsman furniture protection contact number 2Contact us here or find answers to the most common questions below. I made a claim against my protection plan after having my furniture for approx. Guardsman Insurance Furniture Cover – Worst Insurance of any type – ever. Please send your name, address and a contact phone number along with your Plan reference number in an email to info guardsman. Guardsman, Elite furniture protection plan, to buy or to not buy? Guardsman and discovered that the motor had been shipped to the wrong address, and that it would be another 10-14 days to have them shipped to the correct address.

Within two days, he’d made contact and was able to come out to repair the bed rail within 3 days. Initiate a service claim or contact Guardsman using the information provided below. Guardsman is also the leading provider of Furniture Protection Plans in the countries where it does business, with more than 11 million protection plans in force throughout the world. Email address for promotions Sign Up!. Guardsman Furniture Protection plans provide you with a furniture repair expert when you need it.


Gold Furniture Protection Plan. Guardsman provides professional in-home repair when furniture is damaged at no additional charge. Have your receipt and plan number handy. Contact Guardsman at 1.800.482.7340 to request service for the stain or damage. We bought the 5 year elite protection, which we always do. Trying to contact this company after being purchased this sofa from Furniture Village and they recommend me to get insured your product from Guardsman. They gave me thee number i called and my complaints theey sent me forms i filled theem out. Stain protection – in this Plan, if applicable, this may mean your fabric product has received a stain protector treatment prior to delivery. For the period of insurance the maximum the Insurer will pay under this Furniture Protection Plan is limited to the original purchase price of your product or 15,000, whichever is the lowest amount. Any change of your address must be notified by the Plan holder. 5. Our Guardsman furniture protection plans cover accidental damage to your upholstery, leather, wood, billiard tables, area rugs, outdoor furniture or adjustable beds. Call 1-888-967-7467 or chat live with a customer service agent to add it to your online order! Coverage includes scratches, food/beverage stains and burns on wood and other hard surfaces, loss of silvering on mirrors and operational or structural failure to frames, springs and mechanisms if they were covered by an original manufacturer warranty that expired. The rep on the phone took down all my info and the details of each claim, stating I can file a claim on all of them (!!). I had a related experience with Macy’s No Worry furniture protection. It is really impossible to over state how awful Guardsman customer service is! Contact us about furniture care warranties, find a technician, and MSDS lookup. At Guardsman, service is the heart of what we do. Please know that we are making continuous improvements to this site, and your feedback is welcome. Fabric protection.

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Email Address. For merchandise purchased before 6/1/10, call Guardsman at 1-800-253-3957. Bob’s 5 year Goof Proof Plus Protection Plan provides comprehensive coverage against accidental stains or damages on leather, fabric and vinyl upholstered furniture, wood and other hard surface furniture. Customer Care; Ask Bob Contact Us Customer Care; Need Help? The Guardian Furniture Protection Plan (Jerome’s Oops-Proof) provides comprehensive coverage against stains and damages on leather, fabric and vinyl upholstered furniture as well as wood and other hard surface furniture for 5 years. Refer to the current Guardian Furniture Protection Plan for complete coverage details. Contact Guardian at (877) 680-2621 to request service for the stain or damage. Guardsman is the leading provider of furniture protection plans, with operation in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries. Guardsman furniture service plans are administered by its U.S. based customer service center staffed by 100+ dedicated professionals, achieving world-class customer satisfaction rates. For assistance with a warranty claim, please contact us. WARNING: Chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm may be present in products sold here.

Guardian Protection Products provide furniture protection that covers fabric, leather, wood, mattresses, and more. We will be in contact to further analyze the facts and circumstances surrounding your service request. And again they couldn’t find me with my number after I asked them to fix it. Notify Guardsman by telephone: number is on your certificate or by filing a Service Request at the website specified on your certificate.