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How to make a claim on your Guardsman Protection Plan. Please note that for structural claims on furniture under 12 months old this is covered by your retailer. I made a claim against my protection plan after having my furniture for approx. I lodged a complaint in December and have received a letter telling me that they find everything ok and if I’m not happy to complain now yo ombudsman!! But I still haven’t had any replacement!! I paid 100 for this insurance and my house insurance excess is 150, they would of replaced it straight away! The cushions are now going saggy with not being able to turn the cushions every week so they are going to have to be refilled!!! I just can’t believe they are allowed to treat people like this, when I bought the sofa I was sold this insurance from dfs, who sold me this ensuring that it was a full cover for 5 years!!! I will be contacting consumer council on Monday and also the ombudsman office! I can’t afford to let this go!!. Usually sold as a furniture protection policy, it will typically cover accidental damage and stains on both fabric and leather sofas for up to five years. With Guardsman policies, sold through DFS and Furniture Village, the cover limit is the price you paid for your sofa.

guardsman furniture protection dfs 2Consumer complaints and reviews about GUARDSMAN. DO NOT under any circumstances purchase this product from any furniture store if offered in the UK, i purchased this product when buying my sofa from DFS Cardiff a year ago, i only took it out as i have cats and the flimsy 2 page brochure i was given said pet scrathes are covered. The furniture is less than 4 years old, the Guardsman protection is supposed to be good for five years. DFS have always used Guardsman protector. As I understand it the sales staff do not get commission on the furniture that they sell but a hefty commision on ancillary products i. I had a related experience with Macy’s No Worry furniture protection. In that instance our four year old sofa was soiled by our new cat. I am in the UK and also use Guardsman via DFS. I have spoken to Guardsman UK and they have said that there is 25 days to report any damage, and once it is reported the technician will be in touch within 10 days.

Which is why the people at DFS are quick to offer us protection, which comes in the form of Fabri-Coate; an invisible stain protector which is sprayed onto the sofa before it is delivered to you. We paid undercover visits to nine DFS stores to see if they would offer to sell us the Fabri coate protection for furniture that couldn’t be treated. This is the guardsman furniture protection plan dfs Free Download Woodworking Woodwork Plans and Projects category of information. The Internet’s Original and Largest free woodworking plans and projects guardsman furniture protection plan dfs Video Links. Guardsman works with some of the leading furniture retailers in the UK, such as Furniture Village, DFS, Natuzzi, Next, Laura Ashley and many more. Guardsman is the leading UK provider of Protection Plans to furniture retailers and it is the Safeclean by Guardsman franchisees who exclusively provide upholstery spot and stain removal services for those plans.


Guardsman ‘s tips on protecting furniture from pets damage and eliminating pet odor. Dfs Furniture Very Poor Leather Suite Even Poorer. I’ve had a look around the usual superstores (DFS,. They want 175 for 5 years cover (Guardsman 5 Year Furniture Protection Programme). We ordered a sofa on phone from DFS day before yesterday and called this morning to cancel the order. Just been down to dfs to look for a corner sofa and we have seen one we like. DFS, Laura Ashley, Multiyork, Furniture Village, Settle in Tunbridge Wells, Gerald Lukehurst and Santone Carpets. Safeclean is an integral part of Guardsman, the leading provider of furniture protection plans in the UK. Assurant Solutions will underwrite the Guardsman furniture protection plans distributed in the UK through retail outlets including DFS, Furniture Village and SCS.

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I’m off to the Doctors this week (as DFS want proof) to get a letter to state I’m allergic to the material. Try eBay, Gumtree or British heart foundation and chalk it down to experience, probably worth going to a homeopath to check all your allergies to make sure your not allergic to other things like dining chairs, tables, vacuums and having to go through this ordeal again. Was the fabric treated for stain protection? If this is the ‘Guardsman’ system that they try to sell with every sofa, it isn’t protective spray, its an insurance policy! They fail to tell you that in the store! Only valid for the first 12 months as well. DFS Natural Leather Sofa Cleaner Care Kit With Cleaning and Protective Wipes. GUARDSMAN LEATHER CARE COLLECTION KIT CLEANING FURNISHINGS SOFAS STAINS RRP 30. Bycast Leather Care Kit for Cleaning and Protection of Leather Furniture. Safeclean by Guardsman exclusively provides upholstery spot and stain removal services for Guardsman Protection Plans. Guardsman works with some of the leading furniture retailers in the UK, such as Furniture Village, DFS, Natuzzi, Next, Laura Ashley and many more. Northern Ireland – County Antrim, Home & Garden,,DFS 3. 2. 1. sofa 9 months old Guardsman protected Home & Garden. Furniture – Home & Garden.

Unique to us is our link to Guardsman, the leading UK provider of Furniture Protection Plans to key retailers such as DFS and Furniture Village; it is the Safeclean by Guardsman franchisees who exclusively provide the upholstery spot and stain removal service for those plans.