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Find answers to some common questions about what our furniture protection plans cover and how they work. Hear about how Guardsman’s Furniture Protection Plans work from the reviews and stories of real customers. Protect your new furniture from stains and damage with Guardsman’s Gold Furniture Plan. Ask your sales associate to review a sample of the Guardsman Gold Furniture Plan before purchasing. Guardsman, Elite furniture protection plan, to buy or to not buy? I feel it is extremely important to make possible future customers fully aware of how this company chooses to conduct its business.

guardsman furniture protection contact number 2I made a claim against my protection plan after having my furniture for approx. 3 years. Rich Guardsman Marketing Team. Volodymyr Semenovych. 1 Review. I had a related experience with Macy’s No Worry furniture protection. In that instance our four year old sofa was soiled by our new cat. I would have to agree with all of the other reviews, this is a scam. Is the Guardsman furniture protection insurance worth it? Of course, RR is not going to feature positive reviews, since it’s a bitch-n-moan site.

Guardian Protection Products provide furniture protection that covers fabric, leather, wood, mattresses, and more. Their furniture protection products do not contain bleach, other harsh chemicals and work safely on a variety of materials. We also got sucked into the Guardsman protection and were told to contact them. Consumer complaints and reviews about GUARDSMAN. Bought furniture from Bob’s discount furniture bought a protection plan for 5 years. Well it has been 4 years theat i have had thee protection.

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But I had about 10 months to go on my fabric-protection plan, so I wasn’t worried. Guardsman, the company that issued the plan, sent an inspector to my home and then, nine months later, denied my claim because the cracks were the result of soil buildup. Consumer complaints and reviews about Guardsman Protection Plan in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Deined claim. Furniture. See what others have to say about Guardsman’s In-Home Care and Repair services. Do not throw away your old furniture, the testimonies speak for themselves. Our Guardsman furniture protection plans cover accidental damage to your upholstery, leather, wood, billiard tables, area rugs, outdoor furniture or adjustable beds. Ask your customer service agent to review a sample of the plan before purchasing. But here is the great news about Guardsman Furniture Protection: it’s not an extended warranty. Just check all the reviews on the web. I purchased sofa & loveseat from a local furniture outlet called Bob’s Discount Furniture. The Guardsman Leather Protection Plan is a complete rip-off.

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Guardsman Furniture Pro consumer reviews, complaints, customer care service. I purchased the 5 year protection plan from GUARDSMAN for 199.00. Belfort Furniture has a variety of Guardsman Furniture Protection Plans and Furniture Protection Products available to help you maintain the beauty of your furniture. Review the Gold Furniture Protection Plan for complete coverage details. Considering a Guardsman Protection Plan or product? Read what satisfied customers have to say about our furniture protection services and products here.