Guitar Made From Cereal Box (DIY Project Download)

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I was inspired by the very cute cereal box guitars Melissa over at Frakers Acres made. You can find them here. This morning we made a guitar from an empty cereal box and a few other supplies. Not too long ago, I came across the idea for a cereal box guitar on Pinterest. It was pinned from the blog, Made By Joel. I’ve since fallen in love with that blog and I highly recommend it to anyone who has any influence on children. A Cardboard Guitars Craft to Make- – Making a guitar from a cardboard box is a fun and easy craft for kids. Box Guitar Craft – – Box guitars were made out of discarded cigar boxes with a broom stick inserted in the end.

guitar made from cereal box 2Recycled items, such as a tissue box and paper towel roll, get you started. Turn a cereal box into a craft that will aMAZE your kids! Unicorn Craft. Kids can take a ride with the Unicorn King on a hobbyhorse made out of a sock & broomstick! Tambourines are a kid favorite with these simple materials, you will have them made in NO TIME! After seeing Jack build his first guitar from a recycled cereal box and an old yardstick, Ollie had the idea to make a band that played music exclusively on instruments made from trash. We now have five members and have made more than fifteen instruments that we play at our shows.

You can make a guitar out of a cereal box and a wrapping paper tube: don’t forget to add six strings!. On the main face of the cereal box, draw a large circle and cut it out. Cheerios just posted the second video I made for them. Here it is. A rubber band box guitar! Very fast and easy to make, and also quite entertaining to play. The Garbage-Men is an American musical group of youths from Sarasota, Florida teaching sustainability through music. Electric Guitar – The electric guitar is a 1-stringed, plucked string instrument featuring a cereal box body, yard stick neck, bottle cap pick-up, lipstick bottle bridge, tooth pick frets, and shoelace strap. Trombone – The trombone is made from re-purposed PVC pipe and an oil funnel bell.

Tissue Box Guitar

Posts about guitar written by Selections By Sisters. Home made guitar! Can you believe these are made from cereal boxes and fabric? How much fun would your kids have rocking out with these guitars made from what else – cereal boxes! Think of a question you want answered. Like, what would happen if you made a guitar using boxes that have different shapes like a cereal box or shoebox. Create your own cardboard box guitar (or violin, banjo, etc.) with recycled materials, with one child or an entire classroom, and you could end up with a whole band!. Don’t recycle that cereal box, upcycle it! Cereal Box Guitars 1 of 20. While this one is made from an iPad box, a cereal box would work just as well. Then you must open the flaps on the bottom of the cereal box (the side parallel to the opening) and flatten it. Now use the creases made by the corners of the box and fold them inward; it should be flat again.

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