Gun Cleaning Wood Box (DIY Project Download)

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The Outers 25 Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Tool Box is designed to meet the demand of today’s shooters. These value packed kits are a great addition to any shooter’s cleaning bench and make great gifts. DAC Cleaning Kit, For Universal Gun Cleaning, Wood Box, 35 Pieces UGC76W in Sporting Goods, Hunting, Gun Smithing & Maintenance eBay. Each kit is specifically created to work on all different calibers and gauges, as well as for all gun types, and boast an attractive full wood grain appearance for years of enjoyment.

gun cleaning wood box 2Hoppe’s Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit – Wooden Box 3596F at Sierra Trading Post. 24/7 Customer Service. Custom made gun box for storing gun cleaning items, holster, scopes and work bench. I made this in my garage, I got the design from a different gun cleaning kit, but I made it bigger and better. A full range of cleaning kits to care for your guns, including basic kits through to the boxed presentation cleaning kit which has a hardwood insert with shaped recesses for the complete range of gun care accessories, including matching London pattern turnscrews, oil bottles, hook extractor, snap caps, three piece cleaning rod and an assortment of mops and jags.

Deluxe Universal Gun Cleaning Kit: 27 Pieces of Brass Rods, Brass Brushes, Fittings and Accessories plus 50 cleaning pads. Real wood storage box with flocked tray. This would be the perfect accessory to the gun enthusiast. This beautiful oak and walnut box contains a drawer on the bottom completely. Outers 28 – Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Box. Outers is excited to offer a full line of attractive, wooden specialty kits to perform cleanings quickly and effectively.

Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

DAC Technologies-DAC Universal Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit Wood Box, 35-Piece-761903368702. DAC Technologies features 35 pieces in an aluminum or wooden presentation case.

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