Gun Rack Made From Deer Antlers (DIY Project Download)

See more about Deer Antlers, Gun Racks and Antlers. Deer Antler Craft, Gun Bow, Primitive, Antler Crafts, Antler Art, Bow Rack, Deer Antler Gun Rack. Barnwood and mule deer antler gun rack I made for our kitchen. Deer Antler Gun Rack Embroidery Design 4×4 hoop. Add to Added. Classic Oak Wall Mount Gun Rack Rifle Shotgun Hangers – Made in USA.

gun rack made from deer antlers 2Has anyone ever mounted antlers on a gunrack panel? A customer has asked for this. Chris, you could do it the way that I mount deer sheds. You could use wood screws, but I like to use a 1/4 all-thread rod. Antler Gun Rack at Rustic Bedding – Cabin Bedding – Lodge Bedding – Cabin Decor. The Faux Deer Antler Curtain Tie Back will make an exquisite mark amongst your rustic decor. It is a faux elk antler burr pull that is made to look and feel like a real antler. Deer Antler Gun Rack D-I-Y Projects. Made in the 1960’s.

Whether you have a supply of antlers left over from hunting or have collected winter-shed racks during hiking and camping trips, the horns can be turned into numerous craft items just a few of which are shown here either for your own use or for sale. Deer-horn salt and pepper shakers: These can be made with an electric drill using a rotary rasp attachment, which slowly hollows out the inside of antler butts. Glue a piece of felt on the holder’s underside to prevent it from marring the desk top. A gun rack: A gun rack can be constructed of two deer antler forks, which are secured to the wall with nails or wood screws. Pics of items made with deer horn wall mounted coat rack 30 made with ak. REDNECK Antler Gun Rack Deer Antler & Wood Gun Holder- unique.

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gun rack made from deer antlers 3Tools needed to mount your deer antlers are basic: A drill, wire brushes, Borax, Clorox bleach, drill bits, glue gun and glue, scissors, drywall screws, a hammer, and a few other odds and ends. Before i started doing this two of my racks split in half. This Gun Rack captures the hunting spirit, for sure. It’s made of poly resin that’s carefully finished to look like real wood and deer antlers. Yet, a thought has come to me, born of a sight of the gun-rack, on the other side of the room. Under a gun-rack made of deer antlers was a cupboard half filled with dingy books, shotgun shells, and fishing tackle. Using real shed antlers as the gun holder, this rustic rack is ready for your trophy room, cabin, camp or lodge. Made to order, each is entirely one-of-a-kind. Whitetail Deer Gun Rack. Try one of these 20 pieces of antler art to use those old racks you have lying around. Transform your house into an outdoorsman’s dream. No charges are made for minor repairs. We suggest you personally inspect and permanently punch, mark and tag each of your trophy parts.

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