Hanging Pax Sliding Doors (DIY Project Download)

The sliding doors made for the 150x201cm PAX wardrobes measure roughly 196cm tall and when installed fill roughly 148cm wide. Now without a bottom rail the doors naturally hang inwards into the closet which is no good. There I found the Pax Lyngdal sliding doors (light frosted glass, aluminum frame) in a near perfect size: 78 3/4 x 118 1/8. The furthest out is the one that the inner doors hang off of. Michael writes: I’ve read on your site about the Pax sliding door hack. I’m thinking of doing it myself, but have a question as to whether a further hack is needed or necessary.

hanging  pax sliding doors 2That was two 201cm x 100cm x 60cm PAX plus four doors, with four sets of hinges. Anyone else out there have any good tips from your PAX-building adventures? After having used your units for nearly a year, how do the hanging bars hold up? Can they hold a lot of weight, some of our stuff is kind of heavy. I intended to use the sliding doors from the IKEA PAX system as the doorway into my living space and the wardrobe part to make up the difference between the width of the basement and sliding doors. Ththe railing from the IKEA sliding closet door was mounted to this. This is where I hang my clothes.

Now, if you look closely, you can see that the doors are not hanging perfectly plumb. As it’s produced, the IKEA mounting system for these sliding doors uses a bottom rail which I chose not to incorporate. Ikea doesn’t appear to carry the stordal doors anymore. do you the the PAX LYNGDAL doors will work? i’m sure i’m expecting to much but if you do know then that’d be great, thanks. He and his girlfriend didn’t want to have their bed in the living room, so they turned IKEA’s PAX doors into a sliding room divider:. KOMPLEMENT clothes rails for our hanging clothes (they also sell the clothes rails in white):. My holiday present from my husband is that we will demolish the two hideous reach in closets with brass and mirror sliding doors and replace the whole thing with 3 Pax closets and doors.

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Officially it means a small room next to the bedroom to store and hang cloths. The two Pax sliding doors are mounted on the same rail so that it appears like a dressing in a niche. The sliding doors are more expensive and have a sleeker look. IKEA sells a range of accessories for the pax system including internal drawers (I happen to love these) shoe organizers, shelves, trays, and garment hangers for practically every application. Anyone know if pax comes with spacers too so no neeD to take skirtings off? If you’ve got sliding doors, you need 2-3 people to hang them – 2 people to manhandle the door, a third to give directions otherwise the 2 people will end up having a big row. PAX Wardrobe – adjust sliding doors A nice feeling to have built his Pax itself. The screws of the upper carriage have been tightened at PAX wardrobe before hanging. We’re leaning towards the sliding doors for space (though the four small doors would have enough room to open in our small bedroom), but I’m worried we’ll end up on each other’s nerves. Ikea PAX double wardrobe in beech – H:201cm x W:200cm x D:60cm with ILSENG sliding doors also in beech, includes 3 hanging rails and two shelves, complete with all fixings.

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Ikea PAX double wardrobe in beech – H:201cm x W:200cm x D:60cm with ILSENG sliding doors also in beech, includes 3 hanging rails and two shelves, complete with all fixings.