Hanging Shelves Sheetrock (DIY Project Download)

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Heavy shelves always have been installed with wall studs as the most reliable anchor points. These bolts are rated from 50 to 115 pounds; choose the ones that provide a strong enough anchor for the weight of shelf you are hanging. Add storage space to your room by installing a shelf using drywall anchors. This is an easy task and can be completed within minutes. Step 10 Hang. Now take the shelf and place it on the drywall anchor. Then every time you needed to install a shelf or hang something heavy, you could just drive in a screw and be done with it. To use the anchor, you first need to drill a pilot hole in the drywall.

hanging shelves sheetrock 2Shelves free up space and conveniently hold items on the walls of your home. It’s essential to find a stud when putting up shelves because shelves drilled into dry wall are not well supported and will collapse. Build Simple Floating Shelves. What kind of weight can the dry wall withstand before it fails? My friend has asked me to help her hang shelves (book shelves) on her brooklyn apt walls that are sheetrock. I know I should use wall anchors but I’m not sure what type, how many, and what to look out for in case that wall can’t actually sustain the weight.

There are two methods to find a stud in the wall behind the sheetrock. 1. There are several methods of hanging the shelves, if they have a back screws can be driven through the backing material into studs or anchors. I want to hang up IKEA shelves which do not come with any sort of screws. Drywall screws are great for hanging drywall, but they absolutely should not be used for places where screw strength, particularly shear strength matters. Save money on your remodel by installing your own drywall. Our video covers the basics of hanging drywall on studs.

How To Put Up Shelves: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

DIY Network shows you four different ways to hang custom shelving. Hang Shelves on your wall in no time at all with our easy step-by-step tutorial! See more about Drywall, Ceiling Design and How To Hang Drywall. This DIY tutorial tells you exactly how to securely hang shelves on dry wall or plasterboard and make them look great. You will need the shelving that you are planning to hang and a few other supplies, including a stud finder (no girls, the hubby doesn’t count as a stud). Ah, the elusive floating shelves. The floating shelves are a great look. For example, this week I was installing Hungarian-style shelves to hold media equipment, so I needed to attach some 2x6s to the wall.

Making And Mounting Shelves