Hardwire Under Cabinet Puck Lighting (DIY Project Download)

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The soft glow of under cabinet lighting can create a romantic atmosphere at night or be strategically placed to highlight favorite dishes and collections. Some puck lights come in a pack, already wired together and including a plug for easy installation. If your lighting is not already pre-wired to a plug, you will need to hard-wire your lighting. Progress Lighting Hardwired Cabinet LED Puck Light Kit See more about Under Cabinet, Progress Lighting and LED. American Lighting LXC4H-DB Hardwire Xenon Under Cabinet Light, 80-watt, High.

hardwire under cabinet puck lighting 2LED InchLight – Direct Hard Wire Capable 120 Volt LED under cabinet lighting system InchLight Under Cabinet Lighting These 120 volt LED under cabinet fixtures provide versatile lighting and require no external power supply, transformer or driver!. LED 3 light and 6 light puck lights use high quality and highly efficient long life LED’s. The under-cabinet lights in my kitchen are chunky T12 fluorescents from the 1980s. Puck Lights: These round, hockey-puck-shaped fixtures are popular because there are many versions of them that don’t need to be hard-wired or even plugged in. Before LEDs, puck lights generally had xenon bulbs, but these burn hot, making them undesirable for kitchens.

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