Hardwood Floor Mats For Chairs (DIY Project Download)

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The 46W x 60L ES Robbins Chair Mat for Hard Floors can provide instant protection for your hardwood and other types of flooring. The FLOORTEX Cleartex Hard Floor Chair Mat protects your floors from the scratches caused due to chair casters. Protect your hardwood floors with this sleek bamboo chair mat, or set it in the carpeted office to make rolling to the printer an easy glide. My wife’s office has solid hickory hardwood floors, and I’d like to protect the floor from her rolling office chair.

hardwood floor area rugs 2This Floortex PVC Hard Floor Chair Mat helps to protect your floor against damage, spills, marks and other wear and tear. It’s smooth on the underside so that it won’t scrape your hard surfaces and is rectangular in shape making it suitable for most environments. For another added layer of hardwood floor protection, chairs and furniture legs need to be made more floor-friendly. Common materials to make chair glides and furniture pads are felt, rubber, cork, plastic and metal. It is important to protect your hardwood floors from the scratches that your chairs and other furniture can cause. Walk-off mats and rugs are a great idea for protecting them from dirt and grit that may be tracked in from outside.

Supermat Non-studded chair mats of commercial quality. Build your chair mats on-line using our exclusive ordering system. A chair mat not only helps your chair glide more easily but also reduces wear and tear on the floor. These floor mats protect your delicate hardwood or carpeted floors, and fold easily for storage when needed. ES Robbins Economy Series Lip Chair Mat for Hard Floors – 3’9′.

Floortex Pvc Hard Floor Chair Mat

Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors, The Plains Series by Bison Mat Company is the Perfect Solution for any Hard Surface. Bison Mat Company – The Toughest Mat You’ll Ever Own. Do I need to protect the hardwood floor that my desk chair is currently rolling around on? Chances are I’ll be rolling around the same area for the next year or so in my new apartment. There exist clear plastic mats for this sort of thing, kind of like what you’d put on a rug, but without the nubbly bits that give ’em traction on rugs. Our chair mats are great for hard floors or carpeted offices, and will be custom cut to fit your desk space. Our hardwood floor mat works well on any hard surface.

Chair Mats For Hardwood Floors, Concrete, And Tile