Hardwood Floor Staples Or Cleats (DIY Project Download)

Perhaps one of the most contested debates in the hardwood flooring industry is whether to use cleats or staples when installing hardwood floors. Each side has staunch defenders. So what are the benefits and problem areas for each fastener?. I’m installing a new hardwood floor, and I’m thinking about using cleats rather than staples. Are there any advantages to using cleats over staples?. With cleats, you drive the nail through the tongue onto the floor joists at a 45 degree angle. The cleats (which need to be set in) get hidden by the next piece that overlaps the previous one. Although hardwood floors are sometimes installed with an adhesive or even as floating floors, most are secured to the subfloor with fasteners. If you prefer pneumatic flooring nailers, you have your choice of a tool compatible with either cleats or staples.

hardwood floor staples or cleats 2I would get the cleat nailer. Manufacturers of many hardwood floors now won’t warranty if staples are used. This is due to increased splitting on the higher density exotics. I have a stapler and have never had a problem but if I were to repurchase now I would get the nailer. Getting ready to put about 700 square feet of hardwood flooring down in my home. I will be purchasing a tool to do the job. Ive installed thousands and thousands of feet of hardwood, i use the cleats(nails) not staples. never had a call back we’re going to do our living room/dining room, going to use the cleats never used the staples, the cleats work perfectly, why change?. If you are wondering whether staples or nails are better for a hardwood flooring installation, there are two main factors to consider. Your first consideration is what type of subflooring or base you will be installing your flooring on because that will determine your methods of fastening the floorboards.

Tagged: Hardwood Flooring This topic contains 15 replies, has 13 voices, and was last updated by MRenes 2 years, 5 months ago. Viewing 16 posts. What you need to know about Hardwood Flooring Staples and Nail Sizes before installing your new wood flooring. As to the staples, DO NOT STAPLE ANY HARDWOOD FLOOR. Use only the flooring nail (also called cleats) that were designed for this purpose. The staples hold the hardwood too well, and don’t allow the wood its normal seasonal changes.

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hardwood floor staples or cleats 3Staples will have better holding power in OSB, but tend to give you more tongue splits then cleats. Clearing Staples and Cleat Jams on Your Hardwood Flooring Nailer P50LSLW There will come a moment in every hardwood flooring installers life where a fastener will get jammed in the firing slot on your. The Ramsond RMM4 2-in-1 Hardwood Flooring Cleat Nailer and Stapler is one of America’s best-selling hand tools, with thousands of units sold. Engineered for versatility, strength and durability, the air-powered RMM4 is capable of firing both cleat nails and staples (15. Results for Put down with staples not cleats. 3/4 x 3 Brazilian Walnut. SKU: 10001134. Pneumatic power drives nails and cleats into the wood surface quickly and efficiently. Depend on this Hardwood Flooring Cleat Nailer Kit for stability and a compfortable grip. Flooring Nailers Industrial Nailers. BOSTITCH Industrial Stapler Image. Industrial Staplers.

Hardwood Floors: Cleat Nails Or Staples?