Hardwood Floor Staples Vs Nails (DIY Project Download)

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The guy at the big box store only had flooring nails. I’ve heard Installing solid hardwood with stapler staples are best Times have changed with the widespread use of pneumatic tools with staples leading the way initially. Which is better? If you are wondering whether staples or nails are better for a hardwood flooring installation, there are two main factors to consider. Your first consideration is what type of subflooring or base you will be installing your flooring on because that will determine your methods of fastening the floorboards. I’m installing a new hardwood floor, and I’m thinking about using cleats rather than staples. Are there any advantages to using cleats over staples?. Keep your fasteners/nails oiled or drip oil in the male end on the nailer as you reload. They will work fine.

hardwood floor staples vs nails 2Perhaps one of the most contested debates in the hardwood flooring industry is whether to use cleats or staples when installing hardwood floors. Each side has staunch defenders. Additionally, staples have a tendency to split the tongue of a higher density wood like maple or Brazilian cherry upon installation. On the other hand, 18 ga. nails typically induce dimples that are 50 smaller than 16 ga. nails. Getting ready to put about 700 square feet of hardwood flooring down in my home. As for staples vs. nails, I’ve used both, and when researching buying a nailer or stapler, I found no conclusive answer or grounds that one was any better than the other. Although hardwood floors are sometimes installed with an adhesive or even as floating floors, most are secured to the subfloor with fasteners. If you want to use a manual flooring nailer, you have one option: cleat nails.

Believe it or not the stapples hold way better than the old cleats. there double side with an adhesive coating the heat and sets as there being driven in. Here is a fact(cleat nails allow the floor to expand and contract better than staples,staples also have a problem coming up through the face of the floor when you hit a nail in the sub floor. There was also discussion on using cleats vs. staples. The last post I read had someone suggesting just grab a handful of spiral nails and a nailset and go at it. Manufacturers of many hardwood floors now won’t warranty if staples are used. This is due to increased splitting on the higher density exotics. Ive searched around and it appears some of the 3/4 guns come in staples or nails.

Weighing In On The Great Cleats Vs. Staples Debate

hardwood floor staples vs nails 3If you’re installing the hardwood flooring yourself, you may be deciding between cleats vs staples. How to install solid unfinished hardwood floor. Hardwood floor installation. How to staple or nail down solid hardwood. Or is the click version of hardwood inferior – both from. Easy locking installation; no glue, staples or nails required 3.29 psf. The Lotos LSN3 is a 2-in-1 combo tool that acts as both a cleat nailer and a stapler. Convenient and easy-to-use, this tool features one magazine for both functions, and can hold up to 100 staples or cleats. You’ll have no issues driving nails into pre-finished or unfinished hardwood flooring, and its ergonomic design is easier on your hands.

Flooring Fasteners. Nails Or Staples? Which Brand?