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Use RowCounter in HBase RowCounter is a mapreduce job to count all the rows of a table. This is a good utility to use as a sanity check to ensure that HBase can read all the blocks of a table if there are any concerns of metadata inconsistency. You could run count ‘table_name’ in the HBase shell. Is there a faster way to get the count of rows in a HBase table (potentially a huge one)? I am looking for ways other than the ‘count’ shell command or any Pig script? Thanks.

hbase count rows in table 2AggregateImplementation /value /property or..you can enable coprocessor only on a table throught the HBase shell: 1. disable the table hbase disable ‘mytable’ 2. First argument is table name, starting from second. for (int i 1; Hbase shell commands are create put get describe status scan drop disable enable count. 3) Data Manipulation commands. count. Count the number of rows in a table.

Use ‘count’ to retrieve the number of rows in the table. Get and Scan are the two ways to read data from HBase, aside from manually parsing HFiles. To limit the number of columns if your table has very wide rows (rows with a large number of columns), use setBatch(int batch) and set it to the number of columns you want to return in one batch. I’m trying to count for java the number of row in a table, but i can’t do it!! I read about rowCounter, but i can’t use it. Sent from the HBase User mailing list archive at Nabble.com.

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hbase count rows in table 3To keep this lab simple, you will create one HBase table to track customer reviews of various products. Count the number of rows in the entire table and verify that there is only 1 row:. To simplify the scenario the following example reads all the messages from a HBase table and just count the number of rows instead of really processing all the messages. Import a table from a local dump into existing HBase table:. 19 HStoreFiles to 0.20 StoreFiles import: Import data written by Export. rowcounter: Count rows in HBase table. You can specify any row key within that region so that you are also able to generate halves that are completely different in size. -c Create a new table with a pre-split number of regions. If you want to learn how to create various tables in HBase, go look at episode 1! Prerequisites before starting Hue: 1. SELECT commands can be used to bulk-load these HBase tables with initial sets of data.

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