Headboard Covering Ideas (DIY Project Download)

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Update a basic wooden headboard with a simple slipcover using no staples or batting just interesting fabric, ties and a monogram. For instance, in a child’s room, more ties would be a good idea. Have enough fabric to generously cover the front of your headboard and the back side about 5 inches in. Wrap the fabric over the top edge of headboard and secure with a staple in the center, about three inches in from the edge. This DIY headboard is lovely with buttons to match the fabric cover but what makes it really special are the two sides that turn into the bed just a tad. 40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself.

headboard covering ideas 2Padded headboard cover that reverses to give you two looks for your decor In My Own Style. These DIY headboard ideas will show you how to make a headboard from genius items such as wood shims, old shutters, and upholstered panels. Cut boards as needed, and nail them to cover the plywood. We’re so excited to share our DIY headboard cover with you today and hope you’re inspired!. DIY headboard ideas out there, but instead decided on a simple cover that was much more friendly on my pocketbook.

Change up your bedroom with a slipcovered headboard. I also love the idea of slip covers so you could change them out periodically! Revamping your headboard with fabric, paint, stencils, bamboo and other inexpensive materials is a simple way to add pizzazz to the bedroom. Make sure it’s focal point-worthy by using one of the following ideas. Covering your headboard with fabric gives you the opportunity to create many different and interesting looks in your bedroom.

Easy-sew Reversible Padded Headboard Cover

how do you tuft an ottoman 3Q: I would really love any suggestions I could get on how to cover the headboard shown (larger photo below the jump). The bed was free and so I can’t really complain, but would really love something less ornate/more modern. I took an old foam mattress cover and cut it to cover the headboard. DIY Headboard, check this tutorial out from Amy at The Idea Room! Today we feature 25 of the best DIY headboard ideas for your inspiration. An alternative to crafting a wallpaper headboard is wallpapering the headboard itself! Trace the outline of your headboard of choice, cut the wallpaper to fit it perfectly, then cover the headboard in its new coat. DIY Network has instructions on how to sew a headboard slipcover to update the look of your bedroom for little money. Stylish and Unique Headboard Ideas. That’s when I came up with the slip cover idea. I decided to use a drop cloth for the slip cover because not only is it heavy duty, but the neutral natural cotton fabric warmed up the cooler wall color. Another possibility of design if you already have an old headboard is to cover it up with fabrics, or combinations of fabric and simple paint.

Make A Slipcovered Headboard

Rest easy with these fun, easy and creative DIY headboard ideas. Cover canvases with fabric or paint and group them on the wall over your bed. Step 4: Measure out your fabric so that the fabric can cover every edge of the board and cover all of the batting. Your idea is great, a creative bed headboard for dorm rooms. Our headboard and bedding projects will make your bedroom even more inviting at the end of the day. Accent and Detail Ideas. An unexpected headboard may be exactly what you need to kick your bedroom up a notch.

Thick polyester padding covers the headboard’s face. Slipcover design includes two vertical seams on face and back (except twin size). Here are a few DIY headboard ideas to try at home. Next, you will need to glue the foam down to your headboard piece and cover with your chosen upholstery fabric (as seen here by Freckles Chick).