Headboard Fasteners (DIY Project Download)

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A Range of Headboard Bolts for the Bedding Sector. The Headboard Bolt is a one-piece design reducing inventory and packing costs. It is simple to locate due to a pointed tip and has a generous head which can be either turned by hand, screwdriver or coin, etc. Helpful tips on how to put your headboard or footboard together with nuts and bolts.

headboard fasteners 2Drill holes for the various fasteners and power outlets if needed. I wanted the outlets to fall between the bed and the side cabinets. Two triangular metal pieces. I purchased this nail head kit from Joann Fabric to customize my headboard with. 1.00. Add To Cart. Expires in: M8 Headboard Bolt with Plastic Washer Head.

Headboard bolt sets include 4 each bolts, washers, & nuts. So now I’m trying to figure a way to fasten the headboard from behind. This way the wood grain on the surface won’t be disturbed by fasteners. With items like the Right 90 Degree Headboard Bracket – Part B, Marathon is the preferred hardware supplier for Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers. Marathon Fasteners & Hardware.

Custom Headboard

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Bolt Sets