Heineken Closet Beer Commercial (DIY Project Download)

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The next scene shows the hostess surprises her friends with the walk-in closet filled with clothes and shoes and immediately the friends shrieked in exhilaration. Except this time, they are in a walk-in fridge filled with Heineken beers, neatly organized and displayed as one would with clothes. In the next scene we see 4 male characters, presumably the host and his friends, in a walk-in fridge filled with Heineken beer. They were behaving in the exact same manner as their female counterparts were when they first entered the walk-in closet. This commercial gets old after repeat viewings. Plus there’s a big big nitpick I have over this one. Watch carefully the doors to the beer closet do not exist, they can’t because what is later the beer closet is earlier a corridor.

heineken closet beer commercial 2For Ice Hockey on the Atari 2600, a GameFAQs message board topic titled That Heineken Beer Closet commercial is hilarious. Crack open a cold brew, and check out the most famous beer ads from the last 25 years. Not at all misogynistic we girls would freak out just as much about the walk-in Heineken closet in this 2010 Super Bowl XLIV commercial. 15. Heineken beer is presented as the fashion focus for men in a humorous television and cinema commercial developed in The Netherlands.

One prominent advertising critic called this 2007 Heineken ad for the mini-keg arguably the most sexist beer commercial ever produced. Next door, a similar group of men out-shout them when they find the same-sized closet outfitted as a refrigerator filled with bottles of beer. Heineken is a premium beer and they found a way to tap into their high income targeted audience by using the fancy walk in closets. They have found a way to grab attention by showing what appears to be a female-geared commercial and without warning, it ends up being a humorous male-geared beer commercial that you will remember. While I detest the beer and generally associate it with dickheads in Long Island sporting Gotti blow outs, this may be the funniest beer commercial I’ve ever seen.

That Heineken Commercial Is Hilarious

heineken closet beer commercial 3Sure, it relies on certain dated stereotypes, but anything that mocks SATC is OK by us. And we kind of want that beer closet. Reply71 replies.

Heineken Doesn’t Seem To Realize Women Drink Beer, Too