Hetzner Storage Box Rsync (DIY Project Download)

Rsync onto mounted space isn’t an option after all, as it relies on being able to change owners/ids and probably user hardlinks and such. They dont give root access.only ftp,sftp,scp,samba. I think rsync can help me from serverstoragebox. From storagebox to server?? Thanks. Encrypted iRedmail Backups on Hetzner Backup-Space with SSHFS/EncFS. While there are a couple of ways to set up the backup connection, we will use SSHFS, so it’s possible to use rsync for example. Fortunately iRedmail comes with 2 useful backup scripts for LDAP and MySQL out of the box.

hetzner storage box rsync 2Total control and clients were building just four hetzner ftp backup rsync. This also applies to support regarding arrangement of clients, sync,. Response time depends on the registered service, and PRO/Premium customers enjoy preferential treatment at support tickets, livechat,. Amazon EC2 vs Dedicated server at Hetzner, what’s the use for EC2? Copying, Rsync MV etc will hit the disks IO which in turn slows sites.

I’m wondering if it can do a remote mount + rsync? We use hetzner dedicated servers for virtualization (xen). Each instance got a 100GB free sftp backup storage, buing more is not an option – it’s too expensive. Currently we use bacula and mount this storage with fuse, so SD can use it. Running concurrent job from one linux box. If redundancy isn’t needed you get 10TB for 47,48 with 20TB free traffic with the biggest hetzner storage box The smaller boxes have a higher cost per GB but a way higher traffic ratio. I bypassed backuppc, though, I just rsync the relevant files to the s3ql file system using a cron job.


hetzner storage box rsync 3I realise that not everybody is happy with online storage, but I figure I must not be the only person that wants some off site storage that online would appear at first glance to satisfy. In line with most people on here I my storage requires run to TBs if not 10s of TBs that I need to store, I also need to sync with a headless OMV box. Hetzner.de is my host with 6 TiB for 50/Month in a dedicated server. It appeared to work, however I found that eventually doing an rsync through all the layers was causing problems.