Hidden Closet Gun Safe (DIY Project Download)

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Hidden Doors, Gun Closet, Secret Doors, Concealed Door, Gun Storage. Closet With Hidden Safe Room My customer had a modest size walkin closet with an L shape. He was law enforcement and wanted to turn that space into a gun safe room. Intro: Hidden in wall Gun Cabinet with Hidden keypad. I’m still trying to locate the images of my gun stash, but if you can imagine a closet with double sliding mirror doors cut short to accommodate a pair of thirty inch wide by fourteen inch high full extension drawers at the bottom, then imagine those drawers not going all the way to the back of the closet but leaving a 14x10x60 cavity with a pop-up lid underneath the carpet.

hidden closet gun safe 2Tips and tricks for storing and hiding guns without a gun safe. The most popular fad in firearms storage right now seems to be the secret compartment gun cabinet. They also spend a lot of time exploring their surroundings, and that includes poking around at furniture, under beds, and in closets. U.S. Patrol LED closet light with hidden diversion safe with shelf separator, conceals valuables from view behind a hinged opening. Admit it. Pretty much all of us have fantasized about having hidden rooms or secret passageways in our homes that will take us somewhere awesome. This hidden gun safe is stylish and safety conscious.

I’ve seen gun safes hidden in bookshelves, mantles, and even in heavy bed frames. I just put a locking deadbolt on that closet door, as well as a strike latch handle that locks when it shuts, add a spring loaded hinge, so the door always shuts when it’s let go of, and a few shelves. Our Customers: FBI, CIA, Secret Service & Homeland Security. Just wondering how you fellows with small houses and lots of toys do it. I have had the good fortune to collect enough toys that the small safe is full and I am trying to find creative solutions for ammo storage.

Hiding Guns: Where To Stash Firearms Without A Safe

hidden closet gun safe 3Explanations on making your own hidden gun storage place. Places to hide the gun when you live alone and when you have children. Traditionally, people put their guns in a safe, because they consider it’s safer this way. A gun safe is a secure and protective storage container for one or more firearms, and, or ammunition for those guns. Some gun safes are designed to be hidden from obvious view. False walls with hinges located at one end of closets are also sometimes used to hide gun safes, although simply installing a gun safe in an existing closet with a door that closes can achieve much of the same advantages to prevent intruders from becoming aware of the existence of a gun safe. Children shot accidentally — usually by other children — are collateral casualties of the accessibility of guns in America, their deaths at once heart-rending and eminently preventable. In all, fewer than 20 states have enacted laws to hold adults criminally liable if they fail to store guns safely, enabling children to access them. The closet is sort of hidden. There is a different doorway next to this closet that leads from the den to the another section of the house and when that door is open, which it is 90 of the time, then this closet is not visible behind the open door. Even if you have nothing to hide secret rooms, can safes, and the like are fun projects that can help you protect your valuables when not at home. YouTube user luvguns61 is a high school teacher who transformed a standard coat closet into a hidden room with a two-way mirror. No real racks, no trigger locks. he needs to go back to gun safety classes. For a single handgun, a small gun safe hidden in a nightstand by your bedside is a good choice. A walk-in closet presents the best location because of the large space available for hiding the safe.

Ideas On A Gun Cabinet

Some of our vaults and safe rooms may be built into a closet or in an home, business and may also be designed as a hidden room or secret vault by the use of a special hidden door or secret panels. See our huge selection of hidden wall safes. V-Line Model 51653-S IVY Closet Vault II. Stack-On Long Gun Wall Safe with Electronic Lock PWS-1555. Had a contractor cut a hole into the floor of his closet. He placed a long gun safe into the hole. The carpet covers the safe. In most homes there are places to use to hide a safe from view. I can’t find the site to link it, but there is a closet gun safe, it installs into the wall between the studs in a closet or other out the way place.

Here’s a great example of a concealed door and gun cabinet. Hang it under a jacket, coat or shirt or hang it by itself in most any closet or cabinet. The My Hidden Gun Handgun Soft Hangers will keep all your essentials in one easy access locationfor when you are ready to use them.