Hidden Door Festival 2015 (DIY Project Download)

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Artists of all stripes congregate for the Hidden Door interdisciplinary arts festival, which features dozens of cool musicians, bands, artists, poets and filmmakers, often working in new and exciting combinations. Art Review: Hidden Door Festival 2015. 29 May 2015 Edinburgh’s DIY festival of multi-arts returns with a great local programme. This was taken exactly 1 year ago as we started setting up the rigging for HiddenDoor 2015. Hidden Door started in Edinburgh as a mini-festival at the Roxy in 2010, providing a platform for various local artists to interact, collaborate and showcase their work. Here comes Scotland Loves Anime 2015!

hidden door festival 2015 2I’m pleased to be taking part again in the Hidden Door Festival, which is scheduled for 22-30 May 2015 in the Old Street Lighting Depot, King’s Stables Road in central Edinburgh. I’m finalising my ideas for my site-responsive wall drawing, now that I’ve seen the space that I’ve been allocated for Hidden Door 2015. A LIGHTNING rod for excitement and controversy in equal measure, the Hidden Door festival returned this week following a creatively successful outing at Market Street Vaults last year.

Tegoroczny Hidden Door Festival odbdzie si pod hasem. Redbird explores Edinburgh’s Alternative Art Festival, Hidden Door. All of the performances which will take place during the Hidden Door Festival in May 2015 will be recorded, and the resulting films will be screened at the Royal Scottish Academy in August 2015 at the festival’s summit in Edinburgh.

22-30 May 2015: Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh Deirdre Macleod

hidden door festival 2015 3Header Image. Photo by Kat Gollock. Source Hidden Door Blog. Advertise on this site. Copyright 2015 – 2016 Edinburgh Festival Guide. The result was Hidden Door, a not-for-profit mini-festival of art, music, theatre and film, held last year in disused vaults behind Waverley Station. Delighted to be part of the Hidden Door Festival working the very talented Luden’s Ensemble. This year the festival took place in disused council lighting department in Kings Stable Road, Edinburgh. Saturday 30 May Hidden Door: Errors and The Dark Jokes Bongo Lives: Sea Bass Kid and Bombskare Hidden Cinema: KinoKlub Day number nine, the final evening of the grassroot DIY arts festival falls up. PoetryFilm is delighted to partner with the wonderful Hidden Door festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, and will present a programme on 4 June 2016.

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