Hidden Door Under Stairs (DIY Project Download)

Trim out a slab door with poplar boards to create a hidden passage disguised as a paneled accent wall. Under stairs storage, ideas for the basement stairs some day. For basement flanking the stairs – bookshelf walls with hidden access door to under closet storage and water softener More.

hidden door under stairs 2Secret Room Bookcase Door Under Stairs. storage in loft could have play area. Hidden Door understairs cupboard. Great storage idea. Fun hiding place. Back again to the idea of all that usable space under the stairs. Houzz.com – Under Stairs Doors design ideas and photos.

Smart Product Technology makes a kit to turn several of your bottom stairs into a hidden lift-up door. This kit allows you to reach the area underneath the stairs, or space inside the actual framing of the stairs. Stairs Hidden Under Other Stairs. By Chad King on August 18, 2014 in Stash Pics. Josh has wanted to have a secret room his entire life, and with their first child on his way soon, the recent renovation was the perfect way to make it happen. At the top of the page under here’s what you’ll need. One of the possibilities is to have a secret space under the staircase. It could be accessed via a camouflaged door concealed by stripes or a different pattern.

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hidden door under stairs 3Check out some of the coolest examples of secret doors that we’ve gathered for you and don’t tell us that you never wished you had such rooms. Staircase Hidden Door. Instructables website shares how to build a hidden room under your home’s stair for storage. It is has a hidden door inside a recessed shelves to that can display your treasured nick nacks, books or your children’ artful masterpieces. 2 Stairway hidden behind secret bookcase doors in a traditional home. A: Because secret rooms are awwwweeesooome. Cozy guest bed tucked under an eave:. This is a Powder Room tucked under the stairs on a 1940’s house we remodeled with Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects. Under the stairs marked on the map with A. You have to shoot the lock from here.


This wastes a lot of space under the stairs though. This could be turned into a small secret room which is perfect for kids. The entrance could be covered by a bookcase or secret panel door which doesn t look obvious to the untrained eye. Hidden Room Under Staircase – Design photos, ideas and inspiration. Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of Hidden Room Under Staircase in entrances/foyers, living rooms, girl’s rooms, bathrooms, basements, dens/libraries/offices by elite interior designers. Foyer features under the stairs powder room with hidden door. Curtis and Windham. That movable bookshelf revealed a secret staircase. Hidden Gun Storage Under Stairs StashVault. 0; 0; 0.