High Security Home Doors (DIY Project Download)

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Burglary resistant doors, ballistic doors, forced entry doors, safe room doors, panic room doors, front entry doors. HIGH SECURITY DOORS AND WINDOWS FOR YOUR HOME AND BUSINESS. At Hardened Structures, we believe the design of your home shouldn’t suffer because of your security requirements. While doors and windows have traditionally been the weak points in residential security, that’s no longer the case. Shop our selection of Security Doors in the Doors & Windows Department at The Home Depot.

high security home doors 2Residential, Commercial and Government Security Doors with multi-point locks. High-Tech Security Windows and Doors From Burglar Proof to Bullet Resistant. Level B Security – ideal for homes of people with a high security risk, computer labs, energy centers, jails, police, detox centers, clinics, art galleries, museums, jewelry stores, banks and any other situation where heightened protection is needed. Shield Security Doors Steel structure Home security is one of the key concerns at these turbulent times. The main means of home security is the entrance door.

High security and durability steel doors installed in preschool premises. Extremely weather resistant wood veneer matched to exterior. Door not only protects against uninvited guests but also have finger protection at the hinged side to prevent injuries. We provide a steel reinforced frame for our high security entrance doors on each installation. Our matching service is proving ever more popular for our security front door range, especially for homes of national heritage. It should match the style of your home and be prestigious, expressing your excellent taste. At the same time, your entrance door should also meet high security standards and help save energy with high thermal insulation values.

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Adding an additional lock will provide extra security when you are home. Even if your door is strong and has high-quality, properly installed locks, a burglar may be able to gain entry by breaking or prying the door frame. Home security bedroom, internal and external doors. We have a unique product in the marketplace that combines the strength of high security steel doors with the beautiful finish of a timber interior or exterior door. A door jammer is one of the best door security devices for your home. High quality deadbolt locks are a must on all exterior doors, doorknob locks alone are an open invitation to intruders (check out our best door locks article to see our highest rated locks). When improving your home’s entryway, make sure you add a lock that can resist break-ins. High-security locks have hardened cylinders, unique pin configurations, and other defenses.

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