High Tech Pet Door (DIY Project Download)

P ower Pet electronic pet doors are Fully Automatic, Motorized and operated by your pet’s tiny ultrasonic collar, allowing your dog or cat the freedom to come and go while keeping your home safe, secure and draft free. H igh Tech Pet introduced the world’s first fully automatic pet door in 1993. Since then, we have continuously refined its design and improved its operation. Now, our Power Pet model PX-2 electronic pet door is the largest selling pet door on the planet and we’ve built more electronic pet doors than anyone else by far. Large, For pets up to 100 lbs., Fully automatic, motor driven & opens all by itself when activated by your pet’s ultrasonic collar.

high tech pet door 2Buy High Tech Pet – Power Pet Automatic Pet Door – Medium: Pet Doors at SamsClub.com. I bought these mats to keep my two cats and one dog off my furniture. Mostly, it was for the dog because he sheds a lot and decided the chair in my living room was his personal window access. I purchased the high tech pet door in September 2010.

I purchased a Power Pet electric dog door and it is AWESOME! Great service from a very professional staff makes this a definite two thumbs up!. The High Tech Power Pet Door is available in versions to mount in doors, walls and sliding glass doors. It locks securely against intruders, like racoons. High Tech Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door. A fully automatic, motor driven door that opens completely under its own power. The door is activated by an ultrasonic pet collar.

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high tech pet door 3I’m starting this post even though I don’t know the outcome of my search for a dog door yet. We have a traditional dog door in place that our dogs have to.

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