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Monrovia’s Himalayan Sweet Box details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. I purchased 6 1-gal size of Sarcococca Hookerana Humius, a.k.a Himalayan Sweet Box, from Home Depot yesterday. Besides the heavenly fragrance from these wonderful plants, the other main reason for my purchase is that the label indicated it can be planted in full sun or shade. Sweetbox or Sarcococca is one plant which can take it all. The genus is comprised of about 18 species from the Himalayas and southeast Asia and are related to boxwoods.

himalayan sweet box plant 2Sweetbox are deer and rabbit resistant plants and rarely bothered by insect pests or disease. A spreading clump of dwarf Himalayan sweetbox (Sarcococca hookeriana var. SARCOCOCCA: Sweet Box at Portland Nursery and Garden Center. It helps to have winter-blooming shrubs, such as sweet box, planted around the yard to provide both color and a lovely scent as it blooms. I also have creeping Himalayan sweet box, Sarcococca hookeriana var.

Short: Dwarf Himalayan Sweet Box (Sarcococca humilis) is a great groundcover for the shade garden! Dark green leaves with fragrant white flowers, followed by blue-black fruit. Welcome to the famous Dave’s Garden website. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. This is a low growing evergreen shrub that is sometimes used as a ground cover. Plants spread by stolons and can form patches of nice dark green glossy folia.

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fragrant sweet box plant 3A: The plant you mention was probably Himalayan sweet box (Sarcococca hookeriana humilis), one of the few plants to bloom in winter. ‘Himalayan sarcococca’ is a plant in the Sarcococca genus with a scientific name of Sarcococca hookeriana. How To How to Grow Sweet Box (Sarcococca Hookerana Var. Posts about dwarf sweetbox written by Carolyn Carolyns Shade Gardens. But I want more: native plants, deer resistance, tolerance of dry shade, fragrance, abundant flowers, drought tolerance, and beautiful foliage. Dwarf sweetbox is native to the western Himalayas in China. Common Name: Himalayan Sweet Box. Type: shrub/groundcover. Family: Buxaceae. Zone: 6 to 8 Find Your Zone. Height: 1 to 2 feet. Width: 4 to 8 feet. Sarcococca (Himalayan Sweet Box). lgkovalcik August 21, 2004. Hi Shade Folks,. Saw this lovely bush at a local nursery. Anyone have any experience with it? Miracle-Gro Quick Start Planting & Transplant Starting 48-fl oz Synthetic Flower and.

Short: Dwarf Himalayan Sweet Box (sarcococca Humilis) Is A Great Groundcover For The Shade Garden! Dark Green Leaves With Fragrant White Flowers

WHAT: Hardy, fragrant and ornamental Himalayan sweet box is one of the best little shrubs for a shady spot. WHY PLANT IT: Highly perfumed with the. Q. We love dwarf Himalayan sweet box (Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis) for its glossy leaves and for the surprising strength of the tiny flowers sweet fragrance. Looking for a way to liven up your garden during the winter months? Look no further than the Himalayan Sweet Box, or Sarcococca Hookeriana ‘Humilis,’ which Laura Barnes introduced to the arboretum in 1934 from the Upper Bank Nurseries in Media, Pennsylvania. An excellent shade plant with much more vigor than other varieties of Sarcococca. Ideal for shady, dry sites.

Family. Buxaceae. Botanical Name. SARCOCOCCA hookeriana var. humilis. Plant Common Name. Himalayan Sweet Box, Sweet Box. General Description.