Himalayan Sweet Box Shrub (DIY Project Download)

The four shrubs that are included here are ones that are less commonly seen, but can make excellent additions to the woodland garden. A spreading clump of dwarf Himalayan sweetbox (Sarcococca hookeriana var. This is a low growing evergreen shrub that is sometimes used as a ground cover. Plants spread by stolons and can form patches of nice dark green glossy folia. Ground cover planting of the dwarf Himalayan sweetbox View Image (Full). SARCOCOCCA: Sweet Box at Portland Nursery and Garden Center. Featured Shrubs. Featured Shrubs A – C Abelia. Himalayan Sweet Box, Sarcococca hookeriana humilis.

fragrant valley sweetbox 2Posts about dwarf sweetbox written by Carolyn Carolyns Shade Gardens. Technically a small shrub, dwarf sweetbox slowly creeps by means of underground stolons to form a 4 patch over 10 years. Dwarf sweetbox is native to the western Himalayas in China. Christmas Box, Sweet Box, Himalayan Sarcococca. Sarcococca hookeriana var. The plants make a beautiful, neat foundation planting. It smells wonderful on my back patio when they are in bloom. Short: Dwarf Himalayan Sweet Box (Sarcococca humilis) is a great groundcover for the shade garden! Dark green leaves with fragrant white flowers, followed by blue-black fruit. Use to fill in around shrubs under canopy of vines on trellis.

This low, clump-forming evergreen shrub produces handsome dark green, glossy foliage and dainty fragrant white flowers followed by small black fruit. Makes a lovely foundation or accent plant in the home landscape. The Himalayan Sweet Box from China is a moderate growing ( to 1.5 feet in a year ) evergreen thicket forming shrub that often spreads by suckers to a total size of 6. An excellent shade plant with much more vigor than other varieties of Sarcococca. Ideal for shady, dry sites.

Dwarf Sweetbox

fragrant valley sweetbox 3Members of the Sarcococca genus, commonly known as sweet box, grow in warmer climates as evergreen shrubs. Of these, all could be considered shrubs, although Himalayan sweet box takes the form of a spreading ground cover. Great groundcover for the shade garden! The polished appearance of the dark green leaves create a clean-looking uniform appearance. Fragrant white flowers are followed by blue-black fruit. Other common names sweet box. Details S. hookeriana var. hookeriana is a suckering evergreen shrub forming a compact thicket of upright stems bearing leathery, lance-shaped or elliptic leaves and tiny, but very fragrant white flowers in late winter, followed by black berries. Plant range Himalaya.

Himalayan Sweet Box