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The HOKKI is an ergonomic stool that transforms stationary sitting into an activity, ideal for brainstorming sessions and other active sitting environments. HOKKI stools are the perfect furniture solution for busy students in a classroom. The ergonomic stool lets students keep moving, while sitting still. Ideal for group brainstorming, circle time lessons or reading time in an early education environment. The Hokki stool is a active seat that promotes movement through its rounded base. The stool is made from polypropylene and is durable and scratch resistant. Select a state below to view suppliers located in that state.

hokki stool manufacturer 2Hokki Stool by VS. Hokki Stool by VS. The Hokki Stool is made from sturdy, durable, and extremely scratch resistant polypropylene. Manufacturer ID:VS3825. The Hokki stool offers a great solution to the problem as it requires the user to change position continually and encourages a dynamic sitting position. Kingkraft have over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing equipment which helps to maintain the independence of people with varying degrees of mobility. HOKKI stool is a dynamic stool for everyone, for use in kindergarten, school, play areas and at home. Children and adults can enjoy HOKKI in equal measure.

Hokki Stool. by VS. Stool made of sturdy, durable and extremely scratch-resistant friction welded polypropylene, fully recyclable. Shop for Unknown Manufacturer Hokki Stool – 20H Black-Grey. On sale for 122.99. Find it at BHG.com Shop. The Hokki from VS is a new type of stool for use in primary and secondary schools. The design allows pupils to move more naturally whilst sitting on the stool, rocking back and forth, resolving the conflict of unergonomic seating that restricts the development of children. Madsen Design Education 2012 Company No.

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Active sitting on a sturdy stool! The convex base allows movement in all directions while the soft seat padding prevents slipping during dynamic movement. Hokki Stool from Woods Bringing Education To Life. Big collection of Stool from australia. Also deals in Manufacturer of Hokki Stool. VS America 3825-12 Hokki Stool (12 ) Price USA, VS America 3825-12 Hokki Stool (12 ), Item Details, Where to Buy VS America 3825-12 Hokki Stool (12 ) Online. Brand: VS America, Manufacturer Part Number: 3825-12, Click on the link below to view more item Details.

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