Hokki Stools (DIY Project Download)

Active sitting on a sturdy stool! The convex base allows movement in all directions while the soft seat padding prevents slipping during dynamic movement. My students need 7 Hokki stools in various colors to sit actively and keep their minds engaged. Many of my third grade students have a difficult time sitting in their seats, especially for long periods of time. Kids can move freely while sitting still for a discussion on kaplan’s Hokki Stools. This is great for the child that needs to move while listening. Hokki stools come in a variety of sizes and colors.

hokki stools  2I first heard about Hokki stools from a colleague who attended a seminar highlighting best practices involving brain-based research. I looked them up online. Hokki stools allow young students to wiggle and move while remaining seated at their tables! Help Mrs. Miller obtain 5 stools for her room. Soon, students were using one-legged stools, counter-height tables, or sitting on the floor with clipboards. Students using hokki stools in Lisa Puckett’s classroom.

Thus the Hokki Stool was born! The Hokki Stool, pronounced HOCKEY, like the sport, gets it’s name from the German word HOCKER which literally means stool!. The ergo-dynamic German designed Hokki Stool is super tough, lightweight and highly portable. The benefit of ergo-dynamic design for children is proven:. I had the great pleasure of seeing the HOKKI in action at the CEFPI San Jose Conference in 2010 and actually snagged one of these clever little stools for my office.

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Staying Active By Sitting Still, The Hokki Stool!