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I first heard about Hokki stools from a colleague who attended a seminar highlighting best practices involving brain-based research. I looked them up online. My first impression was that Hokki stools resemble large, odd, colorful plastic mushrooms. Find innovative and fun ways to incorporate the use of Hokki Stools into the classroom with these tips from Kaplan Early Learning Company. While there isn’t a large body of research on the effects of alternative seating in classrooms, there are some studies on the positive effects of standing desks and, more generally, the benefits of moving around while completing challenging tasks.

hokki stools research 2I had the great pleasure of seeing the HOKKI in action at the CEFPI San Jose Conference in 2010 and actually snagged one of these clever little stools for my office. VS International launched the HOKKI at NEOCON in Chicago last year. My students need 7 Hokki stools in various colors to sit actively and keep their minds engaged. Many of my third grade students have a difficult time sitting in their seats, especially for long periods of time. They need an alternative to the hard chairs that are in my classroom. In recent years, medical research and practical experience have brought greater understanding of ADHD and have also led to the development of more effective classroom coping strategies, says Linda Gardner, director of special services for Hopkins Public Schools in Minnesota. Students may also elect to sit on move-n-sit cushions or Hokki stools, both of which allow movement.

The month of March flew by at the Mira Costa Library. Here are some of the highlights of our busy month before Spring Break. Class Research Projects. As always, we had lots of different classes coming to work on research projects. New research shows children with ADHD perform better on cognitive tasks when allowed to fidget or move more freely than is typically allowed in many classrooms. In 2011, my teaching partner attended a workshop that focused on the varying learning styles of students, highlighting best practices involving brain-based research. One of the recommended seating options was Hokki Stools. I looked them up online.

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Fidgety students often get in trouble, new research links learning to movement for some children. Other schools have invested in Hokki stools, which allow students to wobble a bit while also promoting good posture and trunk control. Stress ducks, Hokki Stools and other classroom strategies for students who need to move to learn. Research shows young children want to move in a classroom environment, they want to lean back in their chairs or move their legs under their desks, Campbell-Rush said. Hokki stools are ergonomic stools that allow students to move while still remaining seated. Hokki stools are a safe alternative for students to use in the classroom instead of sitting in a chair all day! Research shows that hokki stools enhance the students attention and concentration while improving their learning through movement. 492 to DES Kindergarten and First Grade Bilingual for Hokki stools. This will help to ensure success for all students with Chromebooks while completing daily assignments, research projects, and online assessments such as the PARCC. Hokki Stools are cleverly designed stools that would replace the traditional chair in my classroom.

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I plan to submit a request for 6 hokki stools from Donor’s Choose. I’ve been doing a lot of research & am really thinking about doing flexible seating next year (I am on maternity leave for the rest of this year)..my one thing I believe I will run into a problem with administration is for state testing, which is unfortunately made a big deal of in my school and students sit at their desks, moved into rows during those testing times. Active sitting on a sturdy stool! The convex base allows movement in all directions while the soft seat padding prevents slipping during dynamic movement. Made from scratch resistant recycled polypropylene Lightweight Easy to carry Stackable for easy storageGreat for improving core strengthWonderful for students who need movement to concentrate.