Hokki Stools Video (DIY Project Download)

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The Hokki Stool, pronounced HOCKEY, like the sport, gets it’s name from the German word HOCKER which literally means stool!. If you would like to learn more about the Hokki Stool, Stop by VS’s Website for Photos and Videos of the Hokki in Action!. The 15 HOKKI is an ergonomic stool thattransforms stationary sitting into an activity, ideal for brainstormingsessions and other active sitting environments. VS America Hokki Stools for school or office up to 50 off. Find the best deals on science lab stools from Worthington Direct.

hokki stools video 2Posts about Hokki stools written by Marina Gijzen. Turn an empty refrigerator box into a three-sided video booth to capture student reflections.

Hokki Stools

Staying Active By Sitting Still, The Hokki Stool!