Home Defense Shotgun Rack (DIY Project Download)

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When defending your home from an intruder, is it best to rack your home defense shotgun? Check out these reasons why it might not be. This comprhensive article is a must read for those that use a shotgun for home defense. Explore Arnold Sese’s board Home self defense shotgun rack on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas See more about Gun Racks, Gun Safes and Locks.

home defense shotgun rack 2The Lucky Gunner team takes a look at some of the best ways to store a home defense shotgun so it’s accessible but also safe in your house when not needed. So that way, if I need the gun in an emergency, all I have to do is just grab it, rack a round in, and it’s ready to fire. Check out Wiley Clapp’s review for an expert’s tips on selecting the optimum home defense shotgun. If you have another home defense gun (e.g. a shotgun or AR), you’ll need a larger key or combo-operated locker-style safe for your last stand defense. I distinctly remember growing up with with kids who’s dads had a gun rack mounted on the wall with various long arms proudly on display.

Read this article to learn about a great at-home gun rack system that could save your life. The video shows about a dozen examples of why I wouldn’t ever use this gun for home defense. Handguns are great tools, but if I’m at home when a threat occurs, I want a more effective defensive option.

Cruiser Ready: How To Store A Home Defense Shotgun

Looking around the internet, I have found a few wall mounted rifle racks that take up to three guns but I have not found any single gun wall mount racks. I thought of fabricating some brackets I can bolt to a wall stud and lock up a shotgun with a padlock but there must be some product out there. Over a year ago I tossed some tasty modifications on my home defense shotgun, which started out as a standard Mossberg 500 persuader (with the hog leg ). I don’t believe in the whole all you have to do is rack the slide on a shotgun and the burglar will leave. Let’s examine the pros and cons of using a shotgun for home defense as well as the best accessories and ammo for the job. This issue arises when the shooter does not rack the pump through its full motion, and this can potentially prevent the gun from firing and may or may not cause a jam. Stop by Bass’s Gun Rack in Missoula for all your firearms & home protection needs! New & used guns for sale, ammo, gun cleaning kits & more. A shotgun will not offer the precision I might need, and I am most proficient with a rifle versus a pistol. Shotgun buckshot or birdshot are great home defense rounds, but a handgun is my home defense weapon of choice because I can maneuver around tight corners in my apartment more easily than with a long gun. When I place the barrel over the dowel the gun is vertical and the grip is easily accessible, I can lift the shotgun straight up, above the dowel and it is ready to rack and go. The SHOTLOCK Solo-Vault line of products puts home security right where you need it. On a wall or in your vehicle the large, easy to use push-button mechanical or electromechanical lock opens in seconds; so your home defense firearm is close, secure and ready.

Shot Day’s Self-defense Gun Rack

I assume the reader has already made the decision on a home defense shotgun versus a handgun.