Homemade Cat Litter Box (DIY Project Download)

Our cat’s old litter box was one of the large covered boxes with the door flap. The door flap came off and we couldn’t get it to stay on. How to make your own Mess-Free 6 Cat Litter Box:. Natural Cat Litter is cheap, effective and easy to refresh. So how do you make a homemade tray smell and feel like shop bought? If you do fill the litter box tray with potting mix or soil, be aware that it does ‘track’ through the house, so placing washable ‘furry’ mats or rubber mats around the tray at the exit point should keep the litter in its proper place. Whatever I put in the litter box, she’ll use. So I’ve been testing out a lot of different natural kitty litters, and honestly, I don’t like most of them.

homemade cat litter box 2When my cat steps out of her litter box she tracks litter along with her. Here you go, a pair of posts from earlier in the week about a DIY home remodel. There are several natural cat litter choices out there. There isn’t a single best option so we encourage you to try them all and use what works best for your pet. Also, if you’re worried about plastic you can purchase biodegradable cat litter boxes here. When we got our kitten a year ago, my mom very kindly gave us a little starter kit of some toys and a box of Arm&Hammer kitty litter. Nothing on the box said it was scented, but that stuff stank! I think people would rather smell just about anything than poo, but no one is really fooled- if you have a dirty litter box, some nasty perfume does not hide this fact.

You know that clay cat litter we’ve poured in your box for what seems like forever and a day? We’re finally giving it the heave-ho once and for all. Barring dirt and clay, what other options are there for homemade and preferably sustainable kitty litter?

My Litter Box Build

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The Meow: 4 Sustainable Kitty Litter Alternatives