Homemade Litter Box Deodorizer (DIY Project Download)

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Even with daily scooping and regular washing, your kitty’s litter box can become a little stinky, but using harsh deodorizers to cover odors can bother your furry friend. Make your own Kitty Litter Box Deodorizer 1 c. box baking soda 4 tsp dried mint. Pour into fresh kitty litter, stir it up, keep it clean. Oils Cats, Essential Oils For Cats, Living Essential, Diy Cat Litter Deodorizer.

homemade litter box deodorizer 2Now, hunt & gather the following items for your natural home deodorizer:. Managing pets properly (i.e. emptying litter boxes and cleaning pet paws after being outdoors). Litter box odor is a problem cat lovers have to face. Never use household cleaning products, ammonia, baby powder, room deodorizers or carpet deodorizer as these cause serious health problems for the cat. Homemade Cat Urine Neutralizer. Try litter deodorizers. Using a little baking soda or deodorizer in your litter box can go a long way to a fresher house. However, many cats will stop using heavily-scented litter boxes, so make sure to use a deodorizer that both you and your cat will like (or one that’s unscented).

Get rid of litter box odors without the help of pricey, deodorizing kitty litters. I use flushable litter but it doesn’t always cover up the smell. Arm & Hammer makes a baking soda based cat litter deodorizer that I think adds a bit more oomph to baking soda alone but not by adding a heavy perfumey scent. Sell homemade cat litter box deodorizers as a fundraiser for your Cat shelter.

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homemade litter box liners 3It comes in a very large bag for a lot cheaper price. I just then either sprinkle baking soda or carpet deodorizer on top of the oil dry in the litter box. (06/07/2006). (Teeger tcb) Add a deodorizer if you use one inside (it signals yes this is a litter box)!. So two ideas were born, build an outdoor litter box and use Oil-Dri. MrGreen Cat Litter Box Deodorizer eliminates cat and cat waste odor. It also will extend the life of your litter box application. MrGreen can also be used on fabric, toys, bedding and carpets. You can rest assured that your unwanted odors are gone when you deodorize with vinegar, not just covered up or co-mingling with the flowery smells of other spray deodorizers! Refrigerator Deodorizer. Minimize odor in your cat’s litter box by mixing a few tablespoons of borax in with the litter. Stink-Free Stick-On Deodorizers offer convenient, continuous litter-box odor control for up to 30 days – simply attach to your pet’s litter box.

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Eco-Friendly Cat Gift Set, All Natural Cat Litter Box Cleaner, Deodorizer and Organic Catnip or Valerian Root, Cat Lover, Cat Odour Control. Make Feline Pine cat litter last even longer with a litter box specifically designed for it. Cut down on sawdust, tracking, and save pellets. How To Litter Box Train Any Ferret With Bonus Safety Tips. Learn about homemade cat litter deodorizer with help from an expert in animal behavior in this free video clip. A veterinarian discusses optimal litter box management including different types of litter and litter boxes. Always use unscented litters and do not add any deodorizers to the litter or around the litter box. I do this at each scooping versus letting it build up and then scrubbing the box once a week.

Also, litter boxes; what is the best way to contain odors? Personally I prefer the homemade deodorizer because it contains baking soda, which is great for eliminating odors.